Sunday, August 5, 2007

Welcome To The Pack

You must be bored. You're reading my first post ever! Its really only going to be slightly longer than this, so enjoy. I started a blog. I'm gonna post on it. Hopefully we'll get it synced with the Relient K site soon. I heart you.
Matthew Thiessen


jon schneck said...

posty posty posty post...

Brit0tany4 said...


I Found Your New Blog!!


I'm Excited!

Brit0tany4 said...

I Think I Should Tell YOu HOW I Found Your Blog.

I Think It's Funny..

Alexis Asked Me About YOu Accepting My Add On Myspace, Then I Replied, And She Replied About Commenting Jons Blog And Something Like That, But She Didn't Say Jon, So I THought She Meant Matt (You) Because We Were Last Talking About YOu, Then I Said "Matt Has A Blog?" And I Freaked Out, And Awaited Her Reply.. When She Responded, She Said "oopsies

that was a secret........

only for the hardcore relient k fans..." I Replied And Told Her How Horrible I Felt, Because I Was A Bad Fan, Then I Started Thinking Of Ways To Search For It, And I Instantly Found It.. And Freaked Out! Later Alexis Replied And Told Me She Was Talking About Jon.. And That She Was Totally Kidding.. AHaHaHa I Just Replied And Told Her That YOu Have A Blog.. She Hasn't Read It Yet.. But I Bet She'll Be Excited..

This Is By Far The Greatest Thing I Have Discovered On The Internet.. I Already Have Your Blog Set In My Tabs...

I Like Your Blog Name, Seriously The Things YOu Come Up With Are Pure Genius. And This Blog Is SO Worth Reading! I Actually Feel Like I'm Not Worthy-Enough To Read It..


lexidoodleellis said...


yep, and its actually "good" that i lied this time

cause it helped brittany find your blog :D

Brit0tany4 said...
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sjaarnaeh said...

I Feel Special :]

Anonymous said...

If you hearted me, you'd come to England.
Right, now I've got that over with, I reckon that's enough of my 'I love yr band, come to my country' begging&I won't mention it again whilst commenting yr blog. Unless, of course, the topic requires it.

Brit0tany4 said...

So I Pretty Much Just Told Everyone,

The JSNAG, The K-Team.. Your Mom..

Sorry, The Tension Was Building Every Day..

It Was Pure Torture.

Laura said...

wait brittnay, you just told everyone on k team....

yay matt!! you have a blog now :)

Meghan said...

Haha..Gotta love Kteam..Killer blog..[killer]..hmm yeah. I mean yeah! I don't're funny.

k bye

Socks said...

-sneaks in through window-

I'm here too. Shh!

Pip-pip, chin-chin and toodlio!

andrea said...

About time!!!!
I'm so happy!!!


Regina said...

I heart you too!
lol so, yeah....
went to today and was reading your blog on there.... thanks for the link to this blog, Matty!

your blogs rock... you are so funny.

<3 u
c u nov 18th!!!!!!
aghhhhhh cant wait

Kali said...


Kali said...

reason i said oops is 'cause i forgot to sign into my account before i posted that ^^^^

KT said...

You don't heart me you don't even know me.

Nate said...
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Nate said...

Hey Matt Thiessen... I'm not sure if you're ever going to read this, but I just finished reading your entire blog from the present to the present post that I now comment on.

Your biggest fan,

Natty P

I just formed a Relient K cover band a little over a week ago. Wish us luck.