Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I'm pretty sure that kudos is Greek for glory. It was also a granola candy bar back in the day. My mom used to get those. Anyway, kudos to Brittany on myspace for finding my blog before I told anyone (besides Jon Schneck) about it. Brittany is one of 10 girls that write me multiple messages EVERYDAY on myspace. Wow.

So, we played a show in NY with Mat Kearney last week, and the next day we played a show with Daughtry at a county fair in Michigan. Daughtry had some "support" tour passes whipped up, and they had he and his band portraying the American heroes known best as GI Joe. I checked to see if John or Jon put up a pic of the pass, and I don't think they did.... so ....

Oh dear... its backwards. Hey kids!!!! Can YOU decipher the hidden message on the tour pass?!?!?! No!? Try holding the picture up to a mirror!

After we did the fair in Michigan (by the way, Dave and some friends snuck back into the fair after closing and unsuccessfully tried to hot-wire the ferris wheel), we had a random day off in my home town of Canton, OH. Since my car wasn't there (its still in Nashville from recording the Christmas stuff), I never even went home. I took my mom out to Applebee's. She called me up and said "Yo, Matty. Hows about we go get ourselves kicked outta Applebee's." And I said, "Aww Mom! Can't we just sit down and have a normal meal without you making some crazy scene!?" After the fire department showed up, the cops let us go, and I met up with some friends for some darts and high fives.

After the day at home, we played a festival in PA, and then went back to Nashville. I saw Superbad with my buddy James. It was pretty funny, but its kind of crazy how crass movies have become. I just wrote an entire paragraph of commentary on the matter, but decided not to post it. Ha. I hate that I have to edit myself all the time. Better safe than sorry though.

I think the Caveman show is going to be terrible

I'm excited for college and professional Football to begin... This is my first year doing fantasy football, and I've already got Willie Parker and LT. I hope that they make up for my lack of experience.

I ran too much yesterday and I threw up (I normally only do 3 to 4 miles).

I'm about to go run again and try not to throw up.

I'll probably post one or two more of these, and then tell people about it.

If you don't message me everyday on myspace, ignore the following postal script.

Stay outta the blog pound.

Matthew Thiessen

Since I know that you myspace ladies are the only ones reading this blog right now (save Schneck), I'll take this opportunity to say hello. Thank you all for being so nice and writing me all the time. Its really flattering. I'm sorry that I don't respond. I don't really like myspace, and I primarily use it to keep up with friends that I had BEFORE myspace. Also, I don't know why you guys write me so much, but as an older (and perhaps wiser) human being, allow me to bestow upon you a wee bit of advice. Cherish these days of being young and free. Instead of writing me and being on the internet so much, do something productive. When I was in high school, I had a job, and when I wasn't working, I was teaching myself how to play the guitar.

All this to say, I obviously don't care that you guys write me. If I have time, I browse through your messages (you have to understand that there's ten of you). I just don't want you guys to miss out on living your lives because you're on the computer all the time.
Love ya


Brit0tany4 said...

So I Nearly Died..

You Mentioned Me On Your Blog..




Lindsey said...
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Brit0tany4 said...
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lexidoodleellis said...

at first when i read that i thought it was applicable to me.. then i realized it said.. "if you message me everyday on myspace"

so yeah.. it isnt talking about me... well ... i guess...

but anways.. i just started piano back up, and started guitar..

so yepp

my musicalness was lacking over the summer, but i gotta get ready to play in a band and stuff soon..

alexis practicingtoimprovehersomehwatlackingguitarskills ellis

lexidoodleellis said...


myspace ladies the only ones reading it?

me and brit were first right?

im not a "myspace lady" .. i dont think

i mean i have one but odnt msg you on it everyday

Nina said...

it makes me proud to say that i am one of those myspace ladies, haha

and i can assure you that i'm not missing out on living my life... though i do go on online way too much, i'm cutting back, haha

you're quite amazing :D

Victoria said...

LOL brittany. :)
i started doing that...and then i was like...I CAN'T KEEP UP TO EVERYDAY LIFE WITH MATT! and i quit. now i need to start over.

i don't think we're missing out on our lives though. :P

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

aww man I wish I was a myspace lady... lol
I',m not allowed to have myspace, otherwise I would message you everyday, Matt!
lolmaybe not everyday
but whenever i am on the computer
which is almost everyday!

Love your blog!

KT said...

I have a question. Not trying to sound horrible that was not my intention but why are you proud to be a "myspace lady?"

Relient K #1 Fan said...
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Rosie said...
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Rosie said...

woah, i get that last part way better now that its the afternoon and not 4 in the morning...good advice, but i dont think most of us (i dont know if i count, i only message you about once a month) arent missing out on life, and the reason we (again the thing before in (these things)) message you all the time is because you are so incredably awesome. i dont think many of us care that you dont care. and if you dont want us messaging you so much, maybe you should just make yourself a bit less awesome.jk. dont do that.ever.

Brianna said...

So i totally agree with what you said about doing something productive. It's just really hard when you have all this internet craze and texting going on. I used to be on the computer like 6 hours a day, but now I am teaching myself french and trying to persuade my mother to get me a Yamaha keyboard for my birthday so I can start(trying)to teach myself to play.

BowlMasterAsh said...

I'm coming back to this blog post in 2015, what is it, 8 years after this blog post? Haha. I looked it up sort of remembering it from when I was a kid. I just now really admire what you say there at the end to the girls who wrote to you all the time. Rather than being a narcissist who would rather them spend their time paying attention to you, you actually wanted what was good for them, to spend their time productively. It's cool.