Monday, August 13, 2007

Today Is My Christmas... Except Its Mattmas

I had a good day today. Probably the best birthday in a while. Last year was interesting, because I saw just one human being the whole day, and he didn't know it was my bday. I received no in-the-flesh birthday salutation, and even though I'm not really into celebrating such an individualistic "holiday", I feel like every birthday boy or girl should have to say "Thanks! I'm an old fart now!" or "You remembered!!! You crazy kook!".

Today, I was surrounded by two parents, three siblings, two sibling-in-laws, one brother of a sibling-in-law (you'd think that would count, but its technically not a relation), four nephews, a niece, and one amazing girl that's a friend (that's more than a friend). The siblings, some friends, and the girlfriend also hung out with me the night before, so I got a really heart warming dose of family in the last 24 hours. What a good gift. So much better than last year.

The two ladies that put my name on my DQ ice cream cake left a note in the box. I don't know how they knew the cake was for me, but apparently they dig the band, and they wanted me to stop by and say hello before 430p... didn't make it in time.

Because of the band, I often feel like I don't get to visit my family enough. Today, I was actually questioned, by my sister, if I knew which one of my nephews she was holding. I knew the answer, but the question said a lot about how often I'm around.

My girlfriend got me a compass for my birthday (I really wanted one). I know which way the North Pole is. Its this way ----> . But only if you're sitting on my couch.

Matthew Thiessen


Brit0tany4 said...


I'm Sorry You Don't Get To See Your Family Very Much..

They Must Miss You Like Crazy.. :/

I'm SOOO Glad Your Birthday Went Well.

lexidoodleellis said...

<----- thats the way north is from here.... i can pretty much tell which way's north without using a compass or moss or anything!

well, i am glad your birthday went well. i definitely know what its like to wake up expecting "happy birthday alexis" and everyones just doing thier own things...

i personally think everyone should be exempt from schoolwork or work on thier birthday!

glad your day was great!


sjaarnaeh said...

Im Glad Your Birthday Went Better Than Last Year...Im Surprised That Last Year Went So Badly! Oh Well,
Merry Mattmas!! :D

liz said...

I'm glad you had a lovely birthday bash. Kinda late, but, yeah.

Jess :]] said...

I'm glad your birthday was better than last year. :]
Happy Mattmas! [sorta late, heh]

LetItAllOut1040 said...

i dont know whats wierder.
the fact that you didnt tell anyone you had a blog. or the fact that people managed to find it.

Anonymous said...

What did you do last birthday? Spend it in prison or something? It sounded very dubious, like you couldn't even ring anybody and go "Hey, it's my birthday."
My last birthday was a schoolday. I spent the two weeks previous warning people and asking them to bring sweets&the like in for me.
They rolled me in the next day =]

Laura said...

funny how you didn't tell anyone about this blog and yet we managed to find it :)

happy late birthday!!

Nina said...

I'm so happy that you're birthday was spiffy-ly. :]

and north is <---- that way for me too! but that's just because I'm sitting on my couch... if i was standing toward my stairway then it's be infront of me... at least i think that way's north... haha

and merry mattmas!! :D

Emma said...

That's great you got to spend your birthday with so many people. Especially since you don't get to see them that often. =D I hope you had a fantastic day!

<- That's way's north from here. (I have the mountains as a reference though, so I don't need a compass. =])

Meghan said...

Birthday's are extremely cool..or at least should be! I'm glad yours was. It must be hard to be away from your family alot of the time. Well I appreicate you! I'm glad that you are in the ever so amazing band known as Relient K. Yay..!

Socks said...
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andrea said...

Happy belated birthday to you!
Mine was 6 days b4 yours. It was okay.
I don't know where the north is...LOL
I'm soo bad with directions.

swebb said...

this is so late but i'm glad you had a good birthday.
i had a good one too. its the same day. haha.
i was at the concert in columbia, SC and it RoCked! probably cause ya'll rock.
next time ya'll come to town i'm going again! so come back.
and the north pole is always moving. duh. haha.

Relient K #1 Fan said...

ooh. you have a girlfriend?!?!?!? doesn't mean anything what i just said lol