Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bird & Bee; Flight In Formation

More Details
If you've followed our band a bit over the last few years, you'd have noticed that we enjoy releasing recorded music apart from our "official" records. Lots of bands do it. Its always fun for us.
In the early spring of 2000, we printed an EP called 2000 A.D.D., months before our self-titled album came out. It was the first thing we'd ever done with a record label logo on it. I guess it seemed pretty special to us.

Ready, set, go.
We've been having a good time making Christmas records, EPs, and Acoustic releases ever since.

Meet the new EP.

Gotee signed us up for six. And for number six, we decided to release an EP, B sides, and rarities album called The Bird And The Bee Sides. The following is the track-list for the 26 songs that are going to be on the physical copy. Its everything that we could squeeze on to one disc, I promise. (the suits talked us out of doing a dual disc release) An additional, digital album will also be included with The Bird And The Bee Sides. We don't know how many songs are going to be on that yet. Again, we'll keep you posted.

The first thirteen make up The Nashville Tennis EP.

These songs are new tunes. Track six is a new version of the previously recorded song, The Thief.

The last thirteen songs have never been sold in a record store. Some have been on various EPs we've done, some are acoustic covers of album tracks, and some are demos. All of them have been remastered, and a lot of them have been remixed.
The Bird And The Bee Sides.

Its going to be a cardboard digipak, the price of a normal cd, and available in stores July 1.
Please pass this message on to anyone you know who might care. Please.

Head here to check out a new song called The Scene And Herd.

Stay tuned!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A While Indeed

Not too much to report. Did a bit of gardening and music stuff this weekend.

All (most?) of the new tunes will be mixed as of tomorrow night. That makes me smile. Gotta love Christmas Eve syndrome.

Getting close on an album cover too.

More smiles.

Love ya, Mom (she definitely doesn't read this... haha)