Monday, November 26, 2007

Busy Week

I meant to post yesterday or today, but fortunately I've been able to have enough fun things to do, that I haven't been able to spare any extra time on the world wide web of lies.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ohio Statement

What the heck Buckeyes!? I promised all of my friends from Illinois that we were going to crush every ounce of dignity found in the hearts of the Champaign, Illinois fighting Illini (great team name by the way). Again, I was reminded that I don't know the first thing about the phrase "shoe-in". Ironically, whenever I claim something to be that, I end up with my foot in my mouth. My Chucks are too dirty to keep doing that.

I also bought a few records this week. I buy a lot of music on iTunes, but sometimes I feel tenacious enough to get off of my butt and actually go to a store to buy a physical copy of an album I want. On Tuesday night (the night before I had a 5 hour drive), I decided that I wanted to go get the new Say Anything. I love their "Is A Real Boy" record, and I had been looking forward to picking up the new one for a long time. I was so excited about getting it, that I went to a store (shall remain nameless) at 11am in my Uggs and sweat pants. If you know me, you know that I don't normally venture into public donning my PJs. So, I find the new Angels and Airwaves (which I wanted) right off the bat, but couldn't find the Say Anything record. They didn't have it. Then I looked for our Christmas disc. No dice (or any copies of "Let It Snow Baby...").Then I looked at the price on the A&A... $14.95! Why would I pay that, when I can get it on iTunes for $9.99!? So, I put it down, drove home, and bought some music from Charlotte's World Wide Web.

The last few shows have been a pleasant improvement from the last bunch. I like it when they don't cover the entire surface of the floor with chairs. I should be the chairman of the No Chairs Board. Someone should take a stand.

Caterpillar kisses,
Matty T.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The S--th

Oh you.

And we're off.

The morning of October 29th was spent unprofessionally fastening siding to a Habitat For Humanity home in Baton Rouge, LA. It was fun. Maybe even more fun than the evening's musical performance (I was pretty wiped out by then).

Halloween night, I polished off the Silence Of The Lambs series. Hanibal Rising was the only one I hadn't seen, and it was pretty fantastic. It was cool watching them in order like that. Its almost like reading a book.
I dressed up like Tom Selleck dressed up as Matthew Thiessen from Relient K. Hoopes encouraged me to inform the next day's Columbia, SC crowd of said costume. After the show, Scarlett O'hara said to me, "I do declare, Mr. Thiessen, that went a bit over their heads!"
I love the s--th.
Scarlett was right though. The majesty of my costume was not nearly as embraced as it should have been by such a large, attentive group of people. The idea that Tom Selleck would even be savvy to the existence of our band is pretty funny. But if this past Halloween, the extent of his passion for our music led him to suit up in a homage drenched Matthew Thiessen costume!?...
Well, that'd be pretty funny as well.

For me to dress up as all of that, makes it a double costume. Its neat what you can do with a mustache and your own clothes.

Instead of Trick or Treating, John Warne bought three candy bars, said I could have one, and let me pick first. It was one Reese's new concoctions. You see, Reese just keeps his candy lovin' nose to the grindstone. He won't stop until he gets the perfect combination of carmel, milk chocolate, white chocolate, crunchy peanut butter, smooth peanut butter, wafers, nougat, roasted peanuts, etc. And even after he figures out the perfect blend, he has to decide on the shape. Will he choose cups, sticks, or pieces? We can only speculate. Once Reese nails it, we'll know. The whole world will know.
The one I had was pretty good. I just can't remember what kind it was. While we were indulging ourselves with the sugar at hand, John and I debated the last time we had a candy bar. The conclusion was more than a few months. When I was a kid, I told myself I would watch a million hours of cartoons and buy closets full of candy when I was an adult. I suppose I'm a failure.

Alright... Just because the Reese thing is such a rip off...

My mustache is dry clean only... Which means...

It's dirty.

Maybe I should have dressed up like a gangrene ridden comedian for Halloween. Rest in Reese's Pieces, Mitch.

Fantasy football was a nightmarish type of fantasy. The kind where the unicorn turns around and Whinny The Pooh is dangling bloody and lifeless from his horn. Broken shards of honey pot sticking out of his eyes.

Apparently I need to refrain from using the term "shoe in". Cause I shoe didn't win.

I've haven't been feeling well the last four days or so.
Boo freakin hoo.
Me, that's hoo.

Matty T.