Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The last few weeks of tour have been wonderful (as expected). We've been through a lot of our favorite towns and met a ton of great people.

We got to see Death Cab For Cutie on a day off in Columbus, and the show was EXCELLENT. They're always good, but the set list was the best its ever been. Ethan had a fun little birthday when we were in the Boston area, and I got to go to the best Cleveland Browns game that I've seen in a LONG time.... if not ever.

I'm pretty sure I didn't get on TV with my sign (which was a little wordy), but I'm ecstatic that the text proved to be applicable. Nobody gave my Brownies a chance against the champion New York Football Giants, but they played an excellent game, and turned my first Monday Night Football experience into one pretty magnificent night. My buddy 2tone (who is the biggest Giants fan I know) drove up from Nashville, we went to Kinkos to print up some signs, and we went to the stadium to sit four rows away from the Brown's bench and the 30 yard line. My brother Jeremy scored us the sweet seats. The Browns followed up by scoring those 35 sweet, sweet points. Great night.

The mercury is beginning to slide down the thermometer, and its feeling more like autumn everyday. We're hitting NYC tomorrow, and then we'll make our way down the east coast towards warmer temperatures. Looking forward to it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Now You Know What I Did This Rocket Summer

I don't know if you guys have seen the Rocket Summer video for Do You Feel, but for some reason, Bryce let me be in it. Check it out here. A bunch of my buddies are in the video too... looking less nerdy than me. The video is pretty cool though.... Makes me smile and think.

Last night's West Des Moines show was a great time, and we're excited to continue that trend in MN tonight.

Much love.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Madison, Wii


The Uncle Fest Tour kicked off today. It was my first opportunity to watch This Providence, and it proved to be time well spent. They put on quite the live show, and they're a pleasure to hang with back stage. House Of Heroes and Ludo tore it up as always, and it was a very satisfying thing to confirm that we're on a tour with a bunch of amazing bands.

Our set had the anticipated "first show of tour" bugs, spiders, etc... But naturally, it was a rootin tootin good time. Three of our friends in the audience arrived in matching Pugsley stripes, and I kind of didn't get it at first. I thought they were horizontal referees.

We played a few songs for the first time, including Death Bed. Other than few flubs (some more key than others), we made our way through the 11 minute storyboard. Its definitely a fun one.

Ethan took a picture and taught it how to say one one hundredth of a thousand words.


(and yes... 7PM is, in fact, a word)