Friday, November 21, 2008

I'll Blog If Yule Blog

My friends!

Its been a while. Normally that means that life has been bland. Fortunately, thats a far cry from the truth.

First order of business.... We released some new music!

If you buy Let It Snow Baby, Let It Reindeer for $9.99 on iTunes, you get three new Christmas songs (Oh Holy Night, Silver Bells, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen). These songs are also available a la carte.

If you pick up Let It Snow Baby... in a store, you'll get a card that gives you

The 3 new songs
Two limited edition RK tour posters
Relient K wrapping paper
And our friends House Of Heroes' version of Silent Night

Our new animated video for Sleigh Ride is also available on iTunes.

I know we didn't release a full length Relient K studio album this year, but we did manage to deliver about 30 unreleased songs. We hope you like what we've done in 08, and we'll have plenty more new music in 09.

The rest of the Uncle Fest Tour was so much fun. The last show of the tour was in Chicago, and it proved to be our favorite! I love ending on a high note.

My personal highlight of the tour was Halloween night in Cleveland. House Of Heroes all dressed up like me.

Then the craziest thing happened.
Brady Quinn (the starting QB for the Browns)
and Nick Sorenson (the cornerback that saved the week 8 game vs. Jacksonville)

both showed up to catch the set at the Cleveland House Of Blues. They were in the same box as my brother, Jeremy, and he called me up after the show to meet them. Turns out that they dig the stuff, and they came to watch the show before going to Joshua Cribbs' (another Browns player) Halloween party. I told them that I dig their stuff, and I did a stellar job of not geeking out on em.

This Providence, Ludo, House Of Heroes, and their crew were some of the most amazing people that we've ever had on tour. We're sure gonna miss hanging out with those guys.

We had a few days off after the tour, and then we started up the Winter Wonder Slam tour with B. Reith, Family Force 5, and Toby Mac. We're about six shows in, and our Christmas spirits are high. If you happen to live by any of the twelve remaining dates of the tour, I recommend you make it out to see the show. Its a fun time.