Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009


I haven't blogged in a good while, but for (what I've dubbed) a good reason. There are still lyrics to write for the next LP, and I haven't been able to justify typing anything that isn't a verse, chorus, or bridge.

However, we have lots of tasty nuggets of information that we've been anxious to pass along to our friends.

First off, we started recording the new record today! Right now we're working at Dark Horse Recording with our favorite producer, Mark Lee Townsend, and after we get some tracks recorded, we're going to travel back to CA to make some tunes with John Feldmann at the helm.

After we turned in The Bird And The Bee Sides, we fulfilled our first record deal (six albums) with Gotee Records. This made us free agents. Our plan? Matt Hoopes and I just signed up to begin positions as A&R for the soon to be resurrected Mono Vs. Stereo records. We'll sign a few bands a year, and also release Relient K's material through the label. We'll set up some email addresses soon with the specific purpose of receiving demos from unsigned artists. All this to say, we may eventually end up partnering up with the least evil of majors that expresses interest in giving us a helping hand. We'll just have to see. Fun stuff!! is a temp site right now. Our apologies. Even though we're a bit notorious for having a terrible internet presence, we're planning an attempt to quickly rectify that reputation. Until then we'll lean on our myspace.

It's been a while since we've ventured out west (apart from Warped Tour), so we're going to do a short run of left side shows at the end of May. I've quickly become great friends with Adam Young from Owl City, and I'm really excited to announce that they'll be supporting us on all the dates. I'm also just as pleased to have Runner Runner and Classic Crime with us on selected dates.

5/26/09 Glass House (Pomona, CA - Owl City/Runner Runner)

5/27/09 The Dome (Bakersfield, CA - Owl City/Runner Runner)

5/28/09 The Boardwalk (Orangevale, CA - Owl City/Runner Runner)

5/29/09 Indigo District (Eugene, OR - Owl City/Classic Crime)

5/30/09 Wonder Ballroom (Portland, OR - Owl City/Classic Crime)

5/31/09 Neumo's (Seattle, WA - Owl City/Classic Crime)

6/2/09 Knitting Factory (Spokane, WA - Owl City/Classic Crime)

6/3/09 Knitting Factory (Boise, ID - Owl City/Classic Crime)

6/4/09 Murray Theatre (Salt Lake City, UT - Owl City/Classic Crime)

I'll do a not so businessy blog in a few.