Friday, May 15, 2009

Twitter Dum

So my @matthewthiessen is being flakey to say the least. To resolve this, I've commandeered the (@relientk) Relient K twitter. Hopefully the @matthewthiessen will be back in my possession before the release of the first Earthquakes record. Haha.

South Dakota this weekend followed by a NYC trip. We have to see a few suits and (hopefully) I see a pair of jeans along the way.
Matt MacDonald from Classic Crime paid us a visit from Seattle this week to sing on a song called If You Believe Me. He's awesome. We had our first Mono Vs. Stereo meeting last night. We're all excited about a lot of stuff. Good times. Can't wait to finish this album.

We have shows with Owl City, Classic Crime, and Runner Runner fast approaching. I don't know if there are tickets left or not, but I hear that its not wise to be hesitant about purchasing them. We'll play some new tunes, and I foresee a fair amount of band interaction.

Sleeps On A Plane