Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fuitile Dronings

To drone is to speak tediously in a dull monotonous tone... so you have to imagine me saying this stuff aloud that way.

I haven't even told anyone I have a blog yet. That makes this kind of awkward. You see, I'm writing about my personal life, and no one is going to read it. That makes this more of an easily breakable brass lock sort of diary than a blog. The best part is that after people know I have a blog, a couple of people are going to read this, and they'll get creeped out.
Stop reading my private thoughts that I openly posted on the world wide, highly traveled, information superhighway!!!!!

So... we finished the Christmas record today for the most part... Ethan Luck is still yet to add some lap steel to a folky/country Christmas song I wrote. I'm excited that he's playing on the record. A bunch of the songs turned out better than I thought. I was thinking that our covers of Sleigh Ride and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas may turn out dull. They turned out to be pretty interesting (especially for how basic Christmas carols can be).

I had a good time down in Nashville while recording. I was pretty busy in the studio, but I still managed to see a band a really like (Manchester Orchestra), hang out with some old Ohio buddies (Adam White of Eureka Gold, and my old roomie Kevan Peden), see some former Ohio buddies (the LaCroix's), and I played a TON of darts with our monitor guy, Joshy.

Manchester Orchestra was fantastic. It was probably over 100 degrees in there, and I've never sweat so much while standing in one spot. The band was about perfect and really entertaining, but I just wanted to go outside and cool off in the much more refreshing 97 degree weather.

Kevan Peden interests me. Kevan and I lived together forever, and he's one of my most cherished friends. He's a nomad though. Its cool with me, because I get to travel and see him quite a few times a year.... BUT, since Kevan and I have lived together, he's moved from Orlando to Naples back to Ohio... all the while, he's talking about moving to Eugene, Jacksonville, or Arkansas. He's yet to figure out where he wants to be, and that's totally cool. I wish him the best.
The reason I bring all this up, is because I like it when Kevan is in Ohio, cause I get to see him the most when he's there. He recently bummed me out when he told me he was moving back to Orlando (for the 2cnd time). The funny thing is, is that on his way down from Ohio, Kevan decided to stop in Nashville. Adam White, an old friend of his (and a more recent friend of mine), had moved from Ohio (to Boston and then) to Nashville with his band Eureka Gold (I got to see them while I was here... they're great). Well, when Kevan was just outside of Nashville, he thought that he might just stay in Nashville longer than for the one night that he had planned. And because he was here and I was here, we got to hang out. While doing so, Kevan hinted to the fact that he was thinking about staying in Nashville permanently instead of going back down to FL. This idea excited me, because I'm always in Nashville (band practice, recording, leaving for tour, etc...), and I'd probably see Kevan in TN more than when he lived in OH. I know it sounds girly, but having your good buds around is a big thing for me. I hope he decides to stay. I called up my buddies Steve and James LaCroix, and they met all of us at a Eureka Gold show. I got to see Adam play, and we all hung out afterwards. James hadn't seen Kevan for four or five years. The number staggered me, because Kevan, James, and I used to spend almost every weekend crashing on Matt Hoopes' basement couches and floor. Those were some good times, but so was hanging out with everyone again.

My dart game has improved. Josh is still destroying me "most" of the time, but the "most" was about "half" by the end of the week. We played so many games. I definitely have a bit of an addiction. I'm going to draw bullseyes on my arm, and inject darts. Its the gateway drug.

Oh by the way... since no one knows I have a blog, everything I just wrote was futile.

Futile Dronings.

Matty T


Brit0tany4 said...

Oh My Gosh,
You're Hilarious..

"I'm going to draw bullseyes on my arm, and inject darts. Its the gateway drug."


You're So Entertaining, That Is One Of The Reasons Why You're My Favorite Person In The World..

Brit0tany4 said...


I Was So Psyched About Finding Out That You Had A Blog That I Forgot To Write Everything That I Was Intending To Say..

Ok, Manchester Orchestra Is AWESOME, They Remind Me Of A Mix Between Mewithoutyou, Brand New, And The Format.. Stir It All Together And Whoa.. You've Got Yourself One Heck Of A Band!!

Hey, If You Dropped The Format, And Added Thrice You'd Have The Tour That Brand New Should Be Going On Soon..

Heh, I Make No Sense..

Well Anyways, Back To Manchester Orchestra; They Are Incredible, I Enjoy Their Music, They Added Me A While Back (On Myspace.) USUALLY I Forget The Bands That Add Me, But I Remember Them.. Weird.. :D

I Think That's All For Now...

Sorry For My Pestering Comments..

I Am A Nuisance..

Someday I'll Probably Grow Out Of It.. :]

lexidoodleellis said...

"To drone is to speak tediously in a dull monotonous tone... "

thats what my mother always says when i talk...

i think he should move to jacksonville...

that way you can come and visit us here a lot...

well, i am excited about the Christmas album, especailly because they turned out better than you thought. Thats always better than... them not turning out as good as you planned...

im excited about Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!


Brit0tany4 said...
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Socks said...
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andrea said...


ahh I'll need to get on more and balance that with school and work. 24 hours a day don't seem enough now!
I'm so excited about the christmas album. Im pretty sure it turned out beyond great!

Mak said...

blogs are exciting, I am glad that you have one Matt... can't wait to read more!

Renee :) said...

Thank you for keep me occupied during French class.
without you I would have to translate fables and actually learn :]

You're great!!

Keri said...

By the way Matt Thiessen, if you happen to read this comment.You guys really need to update the KTEAM!
I've been waiting since March for new updates!

take care-

chenoa-musicfreak said...

Its so cool that you blog! Its also cool that you blogs are acually entertaining (face the truth, you are hilarious!).
And one more thing, I'm a really big fan, so..... PLEASE TOUR CANADA!

Lonely in MB,

chenoa-musicfreak said...

Your music rocks! but i'm really going to miss dave, i hope the new drummer is great, though. and stop switching band members!