Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Virginia's West Sieeede

Its late and I'm tired, but I figured I'd jot a quick note down. I've spent the last two days in West Virginia preparing for and kicking off our new tour. The first show was tonight, and it wasn't as bad as a lot of our tour debuts. It definitely wasn't a tight set, but I'll take a C+ on the first show of a tour any day of the week.

I spent most of the afternoon on Sunday driving down to Nashville. This prevented me from enjoying any of NFL action, and I'm still not sure how I feel about that. I went to Nashville to re-sing some vocals on "Deck The Halls" for some Shrek Christmas special. Replace "deck" with "Shrek", and you're starting to get the vibe of it. I hope they use the song... it'll be funny to hear myself singing on something animated (other than the seemingly short-lived Woodland Forest episodes). After tracking the vocals, I drove up to downtown Nashville and hung out with my buddy Kevan (he ended up moving to Nashville instead of Florida). Unfortunately, I could only spare a bit more than an hour before I had to leave to get on the steel horse (that's Bon Jovi for tour bus).

I won again in Fantasy Football, the Browns won, and Ohio State looks like a beautiful bird perched atop the poll. #1 (for now).

And in closing....

I shaved my scruff yesterday. Did I miss a spot?

The answer is yes.

The area above my upper lip and below my nose is warmer than the rest of my face. I have achieved chowderhead status in all self-respecting social circles. I look too scary to babysit, and I have all the contraband that Bullwinkle was hiding under his bed.

My friends....

I have a moustache
(or as Bullwinkle put it, a moose stash)


Brittany said...
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Kelly said...


Shannon said...

It's the middle of the night. I woke up JUST to read your blog. You should feel extra-lucky. And yes, I read carefully and I'm ready for my quiz tomorrow, Mr. Thiessen. (Sarcasm filled with love, my Sean Penn Pal.)

Anawall Zi Caviar said...

yay u won congrats on that and for the mustache it looks great.know what day is today?...its HOOPES DAY...yay

sjaarnaeh said...

Thanks For Blogging Even Though It Was Late And You Were Tired! That Was Very Nice Of You :D
Thats So Cool About The Shrek Thing! It Would Be Awesome If They Use It...And There Should Be Some More Of That Wonderful Merle The Squirrel :)
I Think That Mustache Makes You Look A Bit French, Although I Suppose You ARE Canadian :]

raven said...

AH, yr moose stash is
deffinitly snazzy :)


lexidoodleellis said...


im glad the first day went c+ good lol..

i was kinda hoping kevan would move to florida with me, but nashville is where i'd choose too if i was moving somewhere...

shrek the halls?

wow.. that'll be perty interesting to see how that turns out..

haha the steel horse...

i need to grow a moose stash...

then i wouldnt haveta babysit all the time...

it'd make more time for school and music..

alexis isprayingshecanmakethe7hourtripuptoatlantatoseeyall ellis

Emily said...

Thanks for blogging I love ur blogs!!
As for the moose stash, its awesome.
I' begging my parents to take me to one of ur concerts they just don't answer me which means no or they r going to surprise me about it.

Shrek uh? Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the chowderhead status.

And apparently shrek is a verb now? Interesting.

anne said...

Hey Matt,I thoroughly enjoy reading your blogs..highly entertaining.Good Luck with the tour,planning to see you guys in N.Y. because alas you are not visiting Boston ;(
Anyway, I would certainly keep the children away....Ha Ha SCARY,Bye.

Nina said...

you're adorable, lol
this blog made me happy cause now i know what your 'moose stache' looks like :D even though i'll be seeing it in less than 12 hours from now :D!
And that's so nifty about Shrek! I would love to hear this song... :]
Anywho, you're spiffy... and so are your blogs :D

Abby said...

hey! im glad you got a C+ on your first night at the tour... im sure i'd give you a 110. A+++++... (etc infintely) lol ...

So keep on rocking! Cant wait till next week! yay! haha

C ya at Dallas

Christi said...

Your moustache is looking good :)

Shrek huh? That's pretty awesome.
I never really watched Shrek. I watched half of the first one then I got distracted by something else.
If your song gets put in the movie I'll watch it though.

You won again? whoo! I've given up watching football this season because my favorite team messed up really bad last week. And the week before that. I'm hoping that next year goes better.

C+ is definately not bad for the first day on tour. That means it should be an A+ by November 3rd :)It's only 17 days away!!
I'm really excited. You better keep the stache at least until then :)

Whoa, that was a pretty long comment for me. Mine are usually short...okay, I'll stop now.

Madison said...

my mom thinks I'm weird now.
I literally laughed out loud.
no offense.
I've actually tried to picture you with a moustache before. Thank you for helping me find out my thought was wrong. xDDD
I'd so totally watch Shrek if you're singing in it.


Holly said...

What do you mean "Woodland Forest episodes"? The general public only ever saw one, my friend!
(too bad, the first one was brilliant)

and also, "moose stash" made me laugh out loud.

Hope the new tour is fantastic!

JENNA! said...

nice moustache.
Can't wait to see y'all in Grand Praire, Texas!

JENNA! said...

Oh yes! I forgot to say, I miss Woodland Forest!!! I'm writing a paper about it in english right now :D HA!

Lindsey said...

Ha! Can't wait to see more of this...Shrek the Halls. And I agree with Sarah, thanks being so awesome and writing blog posts at night.

My friend thinks your moustache makes you like a child rapist.

I don't know where she got that from. xD

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA.... That's hilarious, I LOVE it, it's so grotesquely and awfully perfect! You look like you're 35 now, talk about old! :)

Please grow it have to go on, like a TV interview like that, (promise?) that'd be funny. I wish you could hear my laughter right now its outbust-ish.. Thank you so much. I needed that.

But a beard would really finish the image...hmm, when the tour stops by L.A., watch out for Sean Penn, if you run into him, he might take one look at you and regret casting Emile Hirsch in "Into The Wild" all along. Well...probably not....but, close.

Jess :]] said...

You should grow a beard. I'm serious.
Anyways, they should definitely use your song for Shrek. Oh, and good luck on the tour. Have fun :D

liz said...

I suppose a beard is next. Ha. Well you've got a swell stache going on there. said...

Ha ha...I think your moose stash is totally and completely fabulous. ^_^
Glad your first night was atleast a c+ plus...the last night of the tour is always the best. I was at your Atlanta show at the Tabernacle in May. It was *sweet* (especially considering it was the last night of the tour) I met Hoopes...but now you. So sad.

Pop-Punk Junkie said...

You should make that into a handlebar mustache if you want real chowderhead status :)

Andrea said...

shrek? haha wooow! I like those movies because they make me laugh. Hearing you sing in them would be sweet!

Laura said...

so matt, i just got back from the show! and just to let you know i couldn't really see the stache, and i was in the front row! so you should grow it thicker, lol.

Thanks for such an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G- -S-H-O-W-!


Sarghio said...

I was at that concert in West Virginia, and it was amazing, not your best, but I would definately give it a B instead of a C+. I was dissapointed that you all didn't sing more than you did, and was tempted to leave the concert after you guys finished. I don't really care for Switchfoot concerts for some reason, and really only went for you guys.

And I didn't even notice the mustache until you pointed it out, and even then still couldn't tell really well. lol, sorry

chelle said...

oh my gosh i went to your concert on the 17th aka yesterday
it was AMAZING
you were fantastic=]
i love you guys
next time you come back to ohio you should come to springboro =]
hopefully i can get tickets for the next concert you have around here
Greaa show! i loved it!

chelle said...

oh and guess what
i am a canadien that moved to ohio too =]
yeahh go canohioans =]

Mercy said...

Pretty amazing 'stache :-})
now your smileys can have a mustache too.

Amanda said...

Hahaha oh my gosh you have a moustache! hahah lol awesome!

audrey said...

Its simply beautiful...I <3 it

luis said...

I dare you. keep the stash until your next LP. and your next music vid.

Christi said...

2 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your moose stash better be there.


SophieGurlUK said...

So Matthew, I am new to blogspot, and a new Relient K fan.
Thanks to good old Brittany.

MySpace friends you see.


I just wanted to say, your blogs are cute, and funny, and great.

Like your music.

Also, why are Relient K CD's NEVER available in UK stores?

I have asked everywhere and nowhere has ever heard of Relient K.
And I cannot buy from the internet, as I don't have a credit card!

If ever you come to England.
I will be one of the first to buy tickets.

Matthew Thiessen.
I cannot pronounce your last name....but don't take offence.
I cannot pronounce a lot of words, like especially.
It just ties up my tounge.

Enough of my weirdness.

You're awsome.

Sophie xx

Hilaaary...ous said...

Your concert in Fargo last night was really good. Fantastic! I was lucky enough to meet you and Matt Hoopes and get a picture with you. Now i will forever have a picture with me, my bestfriend, you, and your mustache. My mom said it looked like you were from the 80's. I told her im pretty sure that's what you wanted. So congrats! if that was your goal, you achieved it well. Your arrangment of Sloop John B is really good, me and my two best friends are playing it for our high school. Ya we're choir geeks. By the way every concert I've see you in you've worn that buttoned-up black shirt. is that your favourite? or did you by it in bulk? i like it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Christi said...

It's been five days since you've posted a blog.
I'm beginning to miss your hilarious-ness

Anonymous said...

I won in Fantasy Football too...but only for about the second time since I started. It actually required me to start watching it and put in some effort. But, whatever. I will beat you. Just so you know.


Brittany said...
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Kathleen said...

hey matt thiessen

my name is kathleen, and i just wanted to say that i really appreciate your music. i go to UCSD and live in san diego, and as you might know, we're having a really big wildfire issue.. there are over a dozen wildfires all over southern california, but san diego is being hit the hardest, especially with the santa ana winds.. luckily, my area hasn't been evacuated, and God willing it wont be, but i do know some people who live closer to the fires.

i just wanted to say that you guys in relient k have been helping out a lot right now. i've been listening to your songs non-stop, especially "for the moments i feel faint" and i just wanted to thank you for it. its really helping me cope with this.. i've never had to deal with a major disaster like this being so close..

so yeah. thanks! your music is amazing.

~kat park~

never underestimate my Jesus
you're telling me that there's no hope
i'm tell you you're wrong
never underestimate my Jesus
when the world around you crumbles
He will be strong, He will be strong

Christopher M. Tucker said...

The stache is darker for some reason.
Or so it appears.
I'll judge for myself on the 9th
and possibly the 10th and 11th.

Shelby said...

Please do me a huge favor and pray for everyone in San Diego, we need it... Thank you!

Anonymous said...

dear matt thiessen,

i met you on sunday, in fargo. i was the one from manitoba, wearing the plaid shirt. i really can't say how ecstatic i was to finally meet you. like my best friend (hilary-ous) wrote in here two days ago, it's been a long-time dream of ours to meet you. we're also doing your rendition of 'sloop john b' for our school's talent show next month, and we may just tape it & send it to you. i really hope you'd watch it.

thank you for being you.
let's date,

mikayla d. loewen

by the way, you were really wonderful. a gentleman, i'd say! ♥

Kirsten said...

Hi :-) I'm kinda new at blogger, so don't judge. And I swear I'm not stalking you. But just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know I was at work tonight doing my training because it was my first night (I work at Limited Too) and "Must Have Done Something Right" came on and I got really excited because I pretty much love Five Score and that song! It was pretty shocking (in a good way) to hear something other than Hannah Montana or High School Musical.
By the way I was at the show in Columbus and it ROKCED! It rocked so much that I can switch the c and the k... haha.

Much love and blessings,

marylizzyborden said...

oh, that's all neat and whatnot.
I'm all new and stuff so yea, I'm an idiot and just re-realized (I said re! so I know you were there) that you and other musical people existed... yea, I'm a loser. The moustache (moose-tash-aye) scared me honestly, just not used to it is all... yea... okay. but it's still neat! I meant scared in a good way.

Brittany said...


What Will YOU Be This Halloween, Matthew?

I Hope You Post A Blog About Halloween. I Bet You Guys Are Going To Have A Complete BLAST, Unlike Me. haha.

JENNA! said...

Great job at the Dallas concert tonight. Sorry i threw the skittles at the wrong time :D

diannanicole said...

oh matty i get to see you tomorrow night :) hopefully i will get to meet you!

emoney said...

i'm diggin the molestache... lol

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

Matt, I hate to say this, but:

Oh my Gosh!!
the mustache looks horrible!!!

you are soooo cute without one!!!
why ruin such a good face with.... facial hair?!?


please, I beg of you- shave it!
I will see you on November 18th and I do not wish to remember my FIRST RELIENT K CONCERT as one that I was too horrified to look at you.


bellabella said...

the moose stash is...intresting. you are a chowderhead. fo sure.

Regina said...
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PiNKiPodGymnast said...

my last comment was too harsh
I don't think I could ever be too horrified to look at you, Matt.

Besides, I was in the back (see comments for blog entry "Ohio Statement") to see you face... :(
But I could not see you 'stache... :)

<3 u