Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hallowoes vs. Blood and Guts

So I'm a little bummed. Halloween is quickly sneaking up on us (hopefully to scare the crap out of us), and don't feel that I can successfully participate in the holiday (at least not in the fervent manner for which my soul longs).

We don't have a show on Halloween, but we have to be on the road. I won't be able to walk around Town in some fantastic costume enhanced to the max by a REAL mustache.
"Hey... did you hear that guy dressed as (Burt Reynolds Edgar Allen Poe Teddy Roosevelt) actually grew a legit, attached to the face mustache!? He had to have committed to his costume weeks ago! Who would want to be (Burt Reynolds Edgar Allen Poe Teddy Roosevelt) so much that they would walk around Town with a mustache weeks before Halloween!? What a chowderhead."

In addition to the travel schedule, I won't really have the time or resources to prepare one of the (3) Halloween costumes I had in mind... especially not to the level of completion that's been floating around in that same mind.

In addition to that, my girlfriend has been making me jealous. Last night, she got to go to a birthday/Halloween party dressed as a really good lookin' Dorothy (Garland). Its the third year in a row that I've had to see her Halloween costume via the magic of camera phones. Those pictures are the same quality as magic poo. ... Anywhooo... My girl and I also went to an apple orchard/ pumpkin patch right before the tour started (she's sitting on those pumpkins in her myspace photo). We picked her out a really little pumpkin and me a tall, kinda skinny one to carve. At this point in the story, I suffer the same Hallowed fate as my good friend John Warne. Both John and I purchased an elegant , orange, orb of carve-able wonder and FORGOT to carve it before going on tour!
I think we're both still a bit sheepish about it.

All is not lost, however. I intentionally Netflixed all four of the Silence Of The Lambs series. I will begin watching them tonight after the Ohio State game. I can't decide if I should watch them in the chronological order of the plot, or in the order that they were released. I'm pretty sure I'll go with the release order. Either way, I'll have a Haniball. Haha. Who says "have a ball" anymore anyway. Old men? Am I an old man?

Last night I finished watching the Band Of Brothers series on DVD. As far as Halloween goes, it wasn't scary. However, it did have a plethora of gory footage (and I don't mean An Inconvenient Truth). Joking aside, Band Of Brothers was excellent for a variety of reasons. It was filmed well, it was written wonderfully, and it made me look at WWII in some new ways. Despite the fact that this country (and others) can't seem to stay out of wars, it seems as if our world has learned some crucial lessons from the detestable crimes of the Nazis. That can't happen again.

"Excellent report Mr. Thiessen. Please hand me that paper football and return to your desk."

In memory of Mrs. Homrichouser('s class)

Matthew Thiessen


Shannon said...

I'm carving our pumpkins and I'll send you pics ... via the magical camera phone. I'll make yours have a mustache. Promise.

Dani ;) said...

your vocabulary must be immense...I love it!!

JENNA! said...

That's cool. Sorry you have to kinda miss halloween and not see your girlfriend. My friend and I were gonna be barbies and I was gonna wear my mom's homecoming dress from the 80s. But, her great garndpa isn't doing so well so we're not going to dress up. I guess we're kinda in the same boat in different lakes, if you get my drift. heehee.
Went to the Dallas concert last night and it was amazing!!! Sorry I threw the skittles at the wrong time :D We were gonna try and see y'all after but the security guard said we couldn't.
also, I wrote a paper about y'all in my english class and posted it on my blog if you wanna read it. You rock!

marylizzyborden said...

wow, that sucks, I absolutely love Halloween. Yea, hah, I can't type at the moment, writer's block. Who ever knows what to type in a comment? Everyone but me. Anyways, I don't even know what to do about Halloween. I feel bad that you have to be on the road and I have a million options. I might just stay home cause it's not fair. I wonder if I get the world to do that with me. Hah.

chelle said...

i hope you have a fantastic halloween
sorry you cant go out in an awesome costume
so i went to your concert on the 17th and i just found out you guys are coming to cinci on the 14 and i think i might go again!!!!
and i have no idea if this is true but i heard that your are dating my neigbors cousin so yeah that would be sweet if you were =] but i have no idea.
well have a happy halloween

from the canadian ohioan

Brittany said...

I Wish I Could Send Shannon To YOu RIGHT Now.. :/

SophieGurlUK said...

I must think about getting a pumpkin....Thanks for reminding me.

Any news of an England tour?
I don't want to miss out.

Too bad you don't get to see your girlfriend.

And I don't think you're an old man.



Laura said...

i'm in the same boat, well sorta. i also ran out of time to carve a pumpkin, which is my favorite part :(
oh well. i mean i guess there are a couple days left, but i don't feel like it anymore because my town is weird, they already did begger's night. they always do it on Thursday, ya. so even though halloween is wednesday, everyone already dressed up and walked around. so really what is the point of carving a pumpkin i that already happened? i just don't know.


raven said...

man, you guys were
great last night in dallas
serioulsy best thing in the
world :) haha me and my friend
waited till like 2 in the morning
for yall to come out but you
guys never did ! silly gooses.

i hope you have a great halloween :)


sjaarnaeh said...
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sjaarnaeh said...

Awww, That Really Stinks That You Forgot To Carve Your Pumpkin! I'll Carve One Just For You! Just So You Know, You Have Succeeded In Asking If I Am An Old Man :).I Hope You "Have A Ball" The Rest Of This Tour And I Cant Wait To See You And The Guys On November 17!

Brittany said...


You're Not Old, Mr.

Not Even Close.


Note To Self: Bring Uncarved, Rotten Pumpkin, For Matthew On December Third..

Gory Footage..

Al Gore.


That's Awesome.

I Would've Never Thought Of Saying That. haha You're Silly.

Lindsey said...

We saw white pumpkins at the grocery store today. They were called ghost pumpkins. Weird. I saw that picture. :) It was cute. And then in the other one you looked kind of like a teddy bear.

Ahhh. I'm going as Peter Pan. Weehoo.



Mercy said...

I'm unfortunately not dressing up for Halloween this year. I was going to be a bank robber, and all I would wear is a striped shirt and have a plastic water gun. alas, I have no trick-or-treating buddies. :{

lexidoodleellis said...

every year my whole family dresses up

two years ago we were the von trapp family

last year we were crayons

but this year we have yet to decide

time is running out FAST!

so our costumes will be sloppily put togethre as well

id almost rather not do a costume just cause i wont do it well


i really wish yall were coming here for tour

ill probally just see you next year sometime


Brittany said...
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Andrea said...

so thats the excuse for the stache. haha
Too bad you wont get to dress up.
Although it would be funny if you guys had a lil party of your own. Getting all dressed up and taking pictures that could be VERY entertaining for us! haha
I don't think i've ever dressed up for hallowin...yah I wasn't allowed. I could now if I wanted to but I'm not attending any party so I wont dress up either. I'll be working. boooo.

Lindsay said...
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Victoria said...

HAHA. gory footage. that's classic.

no one...uses "have a ball", sorry to tell you...haha :D

And....I'm sorry about Halloween. :(

In my opinion, you should've just ran away from the tour bus in the indiana portion of the tour and went to the halloween party anyways. because...i had already seen you guys.
so it didn't matter :P

anyways, have fun with the some monopoly, and watch old movies that came out the year i was born!

Nina said...

old?! you?!
that's not possible... :]

that bites about your pumpkin... that's something i normally do... forgetting to carve it and it gets all icky and then i can't :/ it saddens me...

i think this year i'll carve a matt thiessen pumpkin and take a picture [not with my phone] and send it to you, lol :D

that's not creepy is it?

lol... gory footage... that cracked me up... :D

I think that even though you're gonna be on the road, you should dress up anyway and go into random gas stations with your nifty 'stache... :]... maybe they'll give you candy!!... that'd be purdy spiffy... and maybe borderline weird... i haven't decided yet...

aw... i wish that i could send you shannon as well... :/

Anywho... hope you're doing good!!

Holly said...

My goodness, Matt! How do you come up with so many witty remarks and manage to cram them all into such a tiny amount of space and still have them fit into what you're saying? You must be a genius.

maybe something good will still come of your halloween :)

zack said...

Damn hippy. Are all people in bands auotmatically against wars just because they are "musicians?" I guess their experience of touring and doing "shows" gives them a great position to speak on warfare.

Hilary!! said...

I say some old-personish stuff from time to time (like "time to time". I don't think any one says that anymore), but I like to think of it as classic rather than old. Because, if I thought of it as old, I would have to call myself square. Consider this wisdom. Ha.

I'm sorry to hear you'll likely be mising out on Halloween--it's always been one of my favorites, so I think I can feel your pain.

Matthew said...

zack, you're a weiner. and ignorant. a musician's experience playing shows (notice the lack of "subtle" air quotes there) is not their entire life. whatever prerequisite "experience" you have that qualifies you to make stupid assumptions and generalizations i'm more than certain that Matt has as well.

lexidoodleellis said...

shannon will be pretty as dorothy :]

Christi said...

well gosh darn it. The one day I forget to check your blog to see if you wrote anything new is the one day you FINALLY post. Things like that happen to me alot. Oh well, that's life. haha

You always make me smile. The story behind your costume...funny stuff. :D

"have a ball"?? Only my grandparents use that phrase.
haha just kidding
You are definately not an old man!

I'm sorry you forgot to carve your pumpkin :( That's too bad that you have to be on the road on halloween. You can still celebrate anyway :)
I never get to do anything spiffy for halloween because my parents don't really like halloween. Bleh. It's okay though, I just try find cooler ways to spend my time on halloween.

I'm sorry you had to see Shannon's amazing dorothy costume via the magic of camera phones. Pictures from camera phones really do stink.

I really hope you keep your moustache for at least six more days so I can see it!

Sorry this is a pretty long comment, but I just have lots of things to say. [Hmm, I said "I'm sorry" alot in this comment. ]

You're silly. You always make me smile. (Oh, wait...I think I already said that.)

Brittany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shelly G. said...

I'm sorry you won't have an awesome halloween. Since my dear husband forgot to ask off work for me like he said he would, I'll be spending halloween saying things like "How many?" and "Smoking or non?" What fun. I guess it's okay, though, 'cause Jared's not too big on halloween anyway. He thinks it's "Satan's Day", bless his heart. But maybe I can at least convince him to stay up late and watch a scary movie with me or something. We'll see.

Mary Liz said...

You get comments pretty quickly. I'm now jealous of you cause I have no comments. Anyways, I just realized that you will be in Georgia on my birthday. And I can't go. It's sad. I've never been to a concert ever... But while you are rocking out on stage i'll be finishing a project and/or buying fun stuffs with my birthday money.

And i forgot to say in my earlier post (way up near the top. I was 4th or 5th) you are not old. Far from it. You're very young. You are probably not even going to look old when you are.

And (wow, this comment is too long) I see what you mean about WWII. It's an interesting subject in itself. And you are right, the world shouldn't have another world war over Nazi-like events. But i believe sadly that the next time we have a world war (hopefully not anytime soon) it'll be more massive and over something that may not seem likely. I mean, WWI started mostly with an assassination. It changed the world and how the world saw war and warfare. WWII sort of shocked the world into reality. No one really thought something like the Holocaust would happen or was happening. It sort of depressing what was going on the in the world then.

Laura said...

oh i was able to make a jack-o-lantern after all :)
here's a link:

ok, so that's nothing scary, lol. or is it...


zack said...

Matthew said...
"zack, you're a weiner. and ignorant. a musician's experience playing shows (notice the lack of "subtle" air quotes there) is not their entire life. whatever prerequisite "experience" you have that qualifies you to make stupid assumptions and generalizations i'm more than certain that Matt has as well."

Great. If I'm a weiner you probably wanna suck me them, huh ya homo? Plus ya don't make any sense. You say I'm ignorant because I accuse someone of not having experience to speak on an issue, then you say I don't have experience on said issue. So that would make you ignorant too wouldn't it? Anyway, regardless of whatever homosexual thing you say, I still say "ignorantly" (notice the subtle quotes) that he's a hippie. Peace fucker.

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

Shave the 'stache.

Anonymous said...

Matt you would make a stunning Teddy Roosevelt.

And while I still would love to see the 'stache go, I will admit that it's growing on me. (pun intended)

Anonymous said...

Shame about you being on the road during halloween.
I'm being uninvetive this yr and going as a witch. I'm also in the country where halloween's supposed to have begun [ Ireland ] so I reckon that'd just be amazing in itself.
You should have a costume competition with everyone yr with.. and take pictures. Most inventive person wins?

Anonymous said...

Man you sure have fun with those links, huh? Lol...

Aww, Well don't be too bummed about your lame Halloween plans...being trapped in a moving vehicle on a holiday, can have it's good points.

On the millenium New Year I was stuck on a train from Whitefish, MT to Seattle, completely alone and distraught. It was the only train home @ the time I needed it. And as I recall, my seat was on a smoking car that was filled with a lot of strange adults to boot.

But 30 minutes into the journey, while starring out the window feeling sorry for myself, the train passed by a bald eagle sitting on an evergreen branch only a foot away from my face, I spun around and exclaimed "Did you see that?" To, well... anyone near me, but they were all drinking, smoking and carrying on while wearing weird hats. To this day though, that was the coolest and closest endangered species I've ever seen personally in it's natural habitat. And that experience, in regards to this specific journey, was one that I would have never imagined and/or expected.

So you see Matthew-san (lol), you never know what strange and wonderful things might happen to you tonight. At least you're not... (fill in the blank with wherever you dislike to be the most...and hopefully that's not the tour bus.) :~/

Happy Halloween! :)

Amanda said...

Haha your not old! don't worry! your still young! haha lol but anyways... yeah I have never got into halloween my Mom never liked it. :/ lol but I can definitely see you dressing up and getting excited for halloween. Your too funny matt! lol

Melanie said...

Thiessen, you always make me laugh. I think it's one thing I like about you. LOL Sorry you couldn't participate in all the festivities. :(

Personally, I think I'd pass on the gorefest. My dear husband likes Band of Brothers. He got the set from my son for Christmas/birthday a while back. I've only seen pieces of it so far.

Too bad about the costume. You could have dressed up and made it into an amusing video. Your fans would have loved it.

Oh... and I want to see the pics of Shannon's pumpkin with a stache. LOL

liz said...

SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! My mom thinks it's weird I like that stuff.

Mercy said...

ooowaaohh regeneration oowaaohh rebuild rebuild. I have that song stuck in my head, thanks to you guys. :}

2_cool said...

Matt u rock lol!