Friday, November 21, 2008

I'll Blog If Yule Blog

My friends!

Its been a while. Normally that means that life has been bland. Fortunately, thats a far cry from the truth.

First order of business.... We released some new music!

If you buy Let It Snow Baby, Let It Reindeer for $9.99 on iTunes, you get three new Christmas songs (Oh Holy Night, Silver Bells, and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen). These songs are also available a la carte.

If you pick up Let It Snow Baby... in a store, you'll get a card that gives you

The 3 new songs
Two limited edition RK tour posters
Relient K wrapping paper
And our friends House Of Heroes' version of Silent Night

Our new animated video for Sleigh Ride is also available on iTunes.

I know we didn't release a full length Relient K studio album this year, but we did manage to deliver about 30 unreleased songs. We hope you like what we've done in 08, and we'll have plenty more new music in 09.

The rest of the Uncle Fest Tour was so much fun. The last show of the tour was in Chicago, and it proved to be our favorite! I love ending on a high note.

My personal highlight of the tour was Halloween night in Cleveland. House Of Heroes all dressed up like me.

Then the craziest thing happened.
Brady Quinn (the starting QB for the Browns)
and Nick Sorenson (the cornerback that saved the week 8 game vs. Jacksonville)

both showed up to catch the set at the Cleveland House Of Blues. They were in the same box as my brother, Jeremy, and he called me up after the show to meet them. Turns out that they dig the stuff, and they came to watch the show before going to Joshua Cribbs' (another Browns player) Halloween party. I told them that I dig their stuff, and I did a stellar job of not geeking out on em.

This Providence, Ludo, House Of Heroes, and their crew were some of the most amazing people that we've ever had on tour. We're sure gonna miss hanging out with those guys.

We had a few days off after the tour, and then we started up the Winter Wonder Slam tour with B. Reith, Family Force 5, and Toby Mac. We're about six shows in, and our Christmas spirits are high. If you happen to live by any of the twelve remaining dates of the tour, I recommend you make it out to see the show. Its a fun time.



Raven said...

hahah, those costumes were great.
i'm totally stoked about the
winter wonder slam show in grand prairie, texas, where i'll be.
i've decided i'm gettin' you guys
a gift, but i'm undecided. ha.
i'm also tryin' to figure out my lame
seating dilemna, but thats not
coming around too well :P
hope you're doing great!


lexidoodleellis said...

haa. i had fun on both the uncle fest and the winter wonder slam tours.

if i would have known about that specail bundle in stores i totally would have done that! instead i bought your three new songs and HOH's new songs all individually on itunes.

i could have bought it in store and got all that extra stuff free! oh well!

i am still trying to make it out to another show on the tour. possibly atlanta? not sure yet...


Kara said...

WOW! That is BAD A about Brady and Nick. They have good music taste!

PS. Check out Brady's arm muscles that is scary and by scary I mean magic

Laura said...

boo :(
i really wanted to come out to this tour, but you guys are comeing NO WHERE NEAR me! :(

Anonymous said...

i ordered Let It Snow Baby, Let It Reindeer =D 'cos they dont sell it instores here in canada (and i'm tremendously disappointed!) i can't wait to get it in the mail. will i get all that extra stuff also?
plus, you all looked cute in the animated Sleigh Ride vid :D

come back to toronto soon !
wasnt able to see you guys in warped, but pls pls, come down !
( or up, actually, haha )

<3 RK!

Kelly said...

I dont happen to live by any of the dates on the tour....

But Im still coming... obviously...

Emma said...

I quite enjoyed seeing you in Denver tonight! =]
My favorite part was during Mood Rings, when you added "Scary!" to the Jekyll and Hyde line. I couldn't stop laughing. =]
We really missed you guys in the finale though.

Haha, House Of Heroes did a really good job with those costumes, I love the wigs and the plaid!

Brittany said...

Yeah... Their costumes were better than mine.

Jess :]] said...

Aw, that's all great! Cool about the football players. :)

Emily said...

Of course we love what u guys did in 08!!

OH MY!!! haha Thats why I LOVE house of heroes!!

Lindsey said...

I was thinking about going as you for Halloween but I couldn't find a plaid shirt that wasn't too expensive. The thrift store was a total bust. :(


jenna :) said...

those hoh guys are quite hilarious :)
i stinkin' love the new christmas stuff...
see you dec. 14th

meg said...


erin said...

haha. HOH cracks me up. i actually thought about going as you but no one would get it. lol. so cool that you got to meet a couple browns. it was great seeing you last night, i love you too!!! i was the one with the bright green poster. :) you're so awesome live. and the family force 5 song was hilarious. have a great rest of the tour and keep doing what you do. :]

NorCal said... they WERE supposed to be you!!! Ethan posted that, and he never specified.....

Good that you got to meet the Browns people!!! YAY!!!! "I, I wrote a song..... about- about the Browns? Have you all heard it? Apparently they've been playing it n the radio quite a bit...."

Bri said...

YA CHICAGO!!!!!!! Once again I will say that you guys totally rocked my world that night. Seriously,that was one of the best days EVER!! I CANNOT WAIT until you guys come back.
Those HOH guys are hilarious in their costumes. But seriously, who wouldn't want to be you for halloween (too bad I'm a girl, or else I totally would have. lol.) Have an awesome winter wonder slam tour. :) :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i wish you could have seen how big my eyes got when i got to the part about Brady Quinn and Nick Sorenson.

Matty that's AWEsome. i totally understand this. not geeking out? i'm so proud of you!

big day, big day.. :D

smiles about the tours that are so far away from the west side. yeah. (head scratch.. blank.) :/

♥Paige♥ said...

i reallyyyyyyy want to come see you guys but i think im gonna go to one of your shows next summer.

wow those are way cool costumes ;]]

isnt it neat how famous people are fans of other famous people? yeah its awesome :]]


Kate said...

wow. it's been awhile since i've last been here.
sorry, matt. i've just been super busy.

glad things are looking good though.

thanks for the festive music.
i love this time of year. :]

take care, matty t.

luv247muzac said...

I saw you guys in West Palm Beach. Excellent show. I loved how the stage was decorated and was excited to hear some of my favorite christmas songs. I already have Let It Snow, Let It Rain, Baby but will have to get it again and give the other to someone for christmas. I probably would have freaked out if I got to meet Brady Quinn. He was an excellent player for Notre Dame and now is doing in the NFL. Thanks for the music and have a wonderful holiday season. Hope you guys can celebrate with family and friends.

chelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!
hope it is wonderful

Melanie said...

I want the new tunes. I am sort of not happy with iTunes, though. The m4p files are ridiculous. You have to convert them to play them? Sigh... But I will figure out what I want to do and get them.

Cool about the football players. They have good musical taste apparently. LOL

If it was even possible I would have been at the Uncle Fest Tour. All great bands. I'm an especially big fan of This Providence.

Taylor said...

i bought the cd! i love it so much.
and the costumes! haha, THAT is priceless:))

Rosie said...

haha, my little brother (9 years) drest up like u for halloween too. no one knew who he was. he told them. they still didnt know.

anna said...

I Celebrate the Day has to be one of my favorite Christmas songs. Good job on the writing, you are truly awesome!

Christi said...

Wow, I'm really late leaving this comment. I guess I just kind of forgot to keep checking your blog since you hadn't posted in sooooo long. Hah, oh well. Better late than never.

The Winter Wonder Slam tour was great. I'm still sad that I couldn't make it out to the Uncle Fest Tour. I heard it was amazing. I still have yet to see you guys on a real headlining tour. I mean, there was the Appetite For Construction Tour but that doesn't really count since Switchfoot was also headlining. Anyway, I'm really glad I got to make it out on the WWS tour. It was a fun time.

Relient K wrapping paper? For serious? I need me some of that. Yeah, sonn.

Leah said...

Well, you know you've made it when people start dressing like you. Maybe I should have a "everyone dress like me" party = maximum ego boost.


Nate said...

Hey Matt, you guys did awesome on Conan. Just saw the video on Ethan's blog.

Hope you and the family have a great Christmas, would love to catch up sometime in the near future.

jenna :) said...

you didn't pass out my ornaments. :(
oh, so sad.

goodness, but y'all were wonderful in Dallas! :D

Cierra said...

Happy New Year's, Matt :) You rock hard!

By the way, you should definitely come on tour to the northwest again..... I missed the last concert you had up here in rainy Washington :(

Christine said...

Hey! I'm your number 1 fan :)
If you don't believe me check out my blog(just look at it por favor)

Hopefully you'll be performing at Purple Door again:) Please...everyone here loves you!

Christine [xoxo]

Brandon said...

Hey Matt, what about those people who already bought the Christmas CD when it was originally released? How can WE get the three new tracks? Besides buying another copy and giving it to a friend, or a random person on the street. Honestly, all my friends are hardcore Relient K fans just like me. They all bought the Christmas CD already too. This is the first time Relient K has not been generously awesome, what with the constant releasing of EPs between albums. I'd love to have these three new songs CD quality (not like, 128 or whatever, as they probably are if they're just downloadable)... I also want the scavenger hunt songs in CD quality. Whatever happened to the rest of the scavenger hunt? Weren't there supposed to be 5 songs altogether? What can I say? I'm a ridiculously huge fan of everything you guys have ever done. Here's hoping for a new EP early in 2009 with your Office song (saw you guys at Warped Tour!), the 3 new Christmas songs and the scavenger hunt songs. It'd be an odd mix, but what Relient K fan wouldn't love it?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Matt! I know a blog's supposed to be some place where you just write whatever you feel like... but I wonder if you could post anything about how you write your songs... They bless me a lot. I'm from Brazil! Bless ya!

Cara said...

it has been entirely too long since i've seen/spoken with you. i don't even know you anymore - but i still love ya. write me sometime(?) i promise not to drool.

Delaney the Undead said...

no really though, I might invest in one of those fashionable wigs.

From the middle of the midwest,