Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kids Stuff.

I went to the premier of the Veggie Tales' newest cinematic endeavor, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything. The folks at Big Idea were very gracious to us by giving our song a spin during the end credits. The movie was well done, and the forty toddlers in the theater ate it up. I also got to meet the guy who does all of their song writing. I admire him quite a bit.

This is a Steve Irwin playset I bought. Not sure why they sell 'em.

I started drawing another hot dog picture the other day. I drew a burglar hot dog guy on a T-shirt one time, and thought I'd put him in another picture. This is just a screen shot of it.


Brittany said...

haha TOTALLY made me think of the shirt.

I looked at the pictures before your words.. haha

I want to see the movie, only to hear your lovely voice at the end.. :D

chelle said...

that is soo great=]

i love it
i was driving my friend the other day and your CD was in my car and he thought it was the theme song to veggie tales..

gotta love it =]

have a nice week!!

Melanie said...

It's funny but we were just talking about Veggietales today and the movie came up, of course. :) I was wondering if your version showed up in it anywhere. You answered my question.

It seems all the RK guys have some graphic talent. :) Can Hoopes draw as well? I think you, Schneck and Warne should all do a tee. Scheck can do RK superheroes, you can do hot dogs and Warne can do Woodland Forest. I predict they will sell like hotcakes (how do hotcakes sell, anyway?)


Caleb Durham said...

I'd buy the tee shirt. [:
and you're right; kid's imaginations have to break through the idea that he never gets hurt. that or get really board with the playset.

Laura said...

so what prompted you to buy a steve irwin playset? is it simply irresistible now that he's dead? ahh, the danger plays an important roll.
or maybe it was the fact that you KNEW you would get a prank call from his ghost and thought it would be simply hilarious that you had bought his toy earlier in the day.
but this is steve irwin. where is the crocodile? i think you got ripped off my friend :)

miss miller :) said...

My friends and i are going to see the veggie tales movie this weekend! :D

that hot dog is pretty awesome. i love that shirt too. :)

Christi said...

I plan on seeing the veggie tales movie very soon :) haha.

Why did you buy a steve irwin playset? lol

I want the hot dog t-shirt...

raven said...


this blog was extremely awesome :D

yr amazing, matthew :)

im hoping to more adventures
from the burglar hot dog guy..


Victoria said...

haha matt! i wanted to go see that movie just to hear you guys :)

i'm sure those kiddies will go out and buy your cd RIGHT NOW.

pfttt! you have a tablet too? haha. I'm only guessing that's how you wrote your name...unless you're skilled with...PAINT or something.


Nina said...

I almost bought that shirt
Unfortunately, i ran out of money :/
But that's beside the point.. that drawing completely made my day, as well as this blog :)

I didn't know they made a Steve Irwin playset... and someone prank called you as Steve? wow.. I don't know what to think about that.. lol

I want to see the pirates who don't do anything so bad! me and a couple friends are going to eventually :D
They should've put that song at the *beginning* of the movie! not the end, silly movie people who are actually quite cool

I wake up to that song frequently, I set it so I can. It always scares me when it goes off though... xD

Hope you're doing good :D

Lindsey said...

So it loaded now. :) I already sent you my comments via Myspace message so I guess I'll just stand here awkwardly. :D Yeeeeeah.


Anonymous said...

I like the burglar hot dog, he's so cool. funny how he has a crown.

that's kinda weird you wrote about this, i took this picture in new york of larry on a sign cause they were like advertising for that movie everywhere on like every taxi cab and in the subway.

it was really funny when i took the pic though, cause this guy saw me doing it and then he took a picture of another sign across the way where the other subway goes, with the yellow squashy guy on it, like simultaneously to me, he was an older guy. I was kinda laughing than said, "oh cool you like that movie too!"

haha, i wanted to ask if your music was gonna be in it, but i don't even have too, look at that.

maybe if i just wait around all my questions will become answers..then I won't have to bother you with by writing.


SomeStringsAnd said...

To Melanie:

Hot cakes were sold in early America, and were a very popular concoction. Also, since they were (as the name states) best when served piping hot, they sold very fast as well.

Anonymous said...

methinks you have too much time on your hands ;)

Heidi said...

I've definitely also seen that Steve Irwin playset at TJ Maxx. Wow :o)

Shelby said...

You've got to love the Veggie Tales! I love The Pirates Who Don't Anything! I make the kids I nanny for listen to it all the time! :)

I think you need to write a comic about hot dog guy, let Schneck help, it'd be good!

*Paige* said...

matty this post was simply amazing!!! i love how you use the word 'inevitable'!! ♥ =D call me weird yeah i know........i love love love this blog =D

i love u ♥

*Paige* said...

ok now i really do need an awnser....did you draw the "thanks for reeding love matty" on the computer?? hehe yeah thats what i thought..... =D i think that part is cute!! love it!!

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

Hey Matt!
Good drawing...
Your handwriting sucks but I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also saw The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!
I was sad that they didn't play your song all the way!
But hearing your voice in surround sound........

I'm back.

The movie was good.
It had some cheesy little kid stuff, but there were funny parts.
I laughed.
(If my bff was here with me, she'd make me tell you that I also snorted)
Yeah, I saw thw movie with my bff and her family. she has 5 younger siblings.
So yeah.

After I saw the movie, when I went to the mall later with my mom, I wanted to walk up to random strangers and say "The cheese curls are trying to eat me!"


I am such a dork.

Love you Matty!

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

I never thought of that!

DID you write that note on your computer?
I've always wanted the tablet computer!
If you have it, I so hate you!

OK so you know I'm kidding, Matt.
I could never hate you!

But I need that computer!

My mom's probably gonna get it for me for my highschool graduation!

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

Again, speaking of that note...

I didn't mention it before 'cause I figured you did it on purpose....
you spelled "reading" wrong.

Not criticizing you!

I figured you spelled it like that on purpose.
To be clever, funny, witty, cute, smart....
Ya know, like normal!

♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...
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♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...
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♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...
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Mercy said...

You know why they sell those Steve Irwin playsets? 'Cause I so want one now!

Samantha Jon said...
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Samantha Jon said...

Know what would fit PERFECTLY into this blog..

Penelope :]
The Poisionbreathed Pink Pony.

Brittany said...

haha just ignore her, Matthew, she's Canadian and doesn't know what she's saying aboot.

Rosie said...
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Andrea said...

Yeah I was wondering if your song would be in that movie. I'm happy to hear it is and I look forward to seeing the movie!
You guys keep showing off your talents! woow!
I completely like melanie's idea! It would be awesome!

♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...
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♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...
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♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...
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Rosie said...
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~Lauraborialice said...

:-D That's neat that you guys are going to be playing your song/s at the end.. I really wnat to watch it!! :-)

Kara said...

Ooh. That play set has a tiger.

Kate said...

haha! nice hotdogs, matt!
they look scrumptious. :)

& i like how you took a picture of your
steve irwin toy set on your keyboard.

how creative!

Mary Monstrosity said...

very interesting kid stuffs. :)

~Mary Monstrosity

Amanda said...

Hahaha! your way too funny Matt! I love it!

Anonymous said...

HI MATT!!! I LOOOOVE your Hot dog drawing!!!! hahaa!! and i would totally wear the Hot dog t-shirt!!!! and OMG!! when i saw they are coming out with a veggie tale Pirate movie i was like, "OMG!! i HAVE to go see that!!!" can't wait to see it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just had to add this..

My mom thought The Pirate's That Don't Do Anything was actually called,

The Captain's Of Absolutely Nothing..

Can you believe that..haha?

Geez, crazy elders... :+/

♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...
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Elizabeth said...

Bahaha you're a goober.

Kate said...

i used your hot dogs as my desktop background! :D

ff5HNrk said...

hmmm.. love the pics. my nickname for drumline just happens to be hotdog! lol. anyways, I was looking at the lineup for Alive today, and you guys aren't on it yet. I will be very disappointed if you guys aren't there!

jc41 said...

didnt that set come with a croc?
he is the croc hunter....
or was...
wheres the sting ray?