Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Not too much going on with me. Kind of.
However, I did see an amazing movie yesterday
There Will Be Blood is probably one the best films that I've recently experienced.

Its about an oilman.

So is this.

"How are ya, dude? I'm Oil Man"
"Eh... I'm ok. Lost my pants a few miles back.."

"Its me, Ricky. Your stepfather! You need to take the trash out, dude."

rough translations


Lindsey said...

Well...ahem. I can't really say that I have a comment for that one...


raven said...

hahah :D
this is quite
a random blog, im
not gonna lie, BUT i enjoyed
it :D

write soon, matty pants.


Brittany said...

I want to see that movie,

The commercials looked good,

plus I heard it was nominated for a bunch of stuff..

chelle said...


i love your blogs..
they crack me up =]

RK Freak♪ said...

my friend watched it and said is was good.now i want to watch it 2 ^_^™

Christi said...

that was pretty random...but it was awesome.
because randomness is awesome.

your blogs are hilarious :D

Nina said...

you made my night :)

Victoria said...

WOW. haha :)

that's greaaat.

what language IS that?

you're amazing matt.

Elizabeth said...

How interestin'.

Caleb Durham said...

whenever I need a laugh, I come to your site.
as I scroll through the page, I think to myself, "yup. this'll work."

Anonymous said...

Omg, I can't wait to see that movie, it's been so long since p.t. has done something new. :~@

But in your pictures, how is this superhero an Oil Man...and where did you get these?

The guy in the suit looks kinda like Batman mixed w/a Blue Grosbeak mixed w/an Orial, w/like an Eminem E coming out of his head.

I just don't get you sometimes, Thiessen. :~?

I also agree w/Victoria, is that like a Canadian language of some kind? Um, well.. at any rate, your translation seems accurate enough so, thanks.

Kate said...

HAHA! you're so funny.
i love your blogs. :]

Melanie said...

Interesting translations there. LOL

I hadn't heard of the movie, but I'm woefully behind on the movie scene. It looks like it would be really good from the info. you posted. I guess I should try to go to a few movies since there seems to be a few out I want to see now. I'll put it on the list. :)


lexidoodleellis said...


♥Paige-FOOL♥ said...

i will have to say this had me in hysterics!!! especially the one liner at the end!!! rough translations work for me =D

love it♥

peace out-


PiNKiPodGymnast said...

I haven't heard of that movie, but if you say it's good, then I believe you!

The first picture kinda scared me.... that dude desperately needs some pants!!!!!

...rough translations... you speak spanish!?!??!??! i didn't know that!
that's so hot!
wait till I tell my friend that Matthew Thiessen is bilingual..... or are you multilingual?
How many languages do you speak?
omg so frickin awesome.

lol sorry

I love your blog!
Can you update more on yourself though?


PiNKiPodGymnast said...

..... now I'm wondering if that actually was Spanish.....
if it wasn't, i'll feel like an idiot.
but hey, whatever language it is, I don't know it, so why do you assume i know what it is?!?



miss miller :) said...

very interesting.

Jess :]] said...

hahaha oh wow. =D

Anonymous said...

Crap, I spelled the bird wrong... it's Oriole.

OK, please accept my atonement.

Relientkgirl2011 said...


This was the most random blog ever and i totally loved it! it literally made me laugh out loud! haha well keep up the funnynesss! i dont think thats a word! oh well!

Have a good day!

diannanicole said...

you are my favorite.

Shelby said...

Wow. Just wow. That one rocked my socks off... :)

Amanda said...

HAhaha omg! thats just too funny Matt! haha I can always count you to make me laugh I just read your blogs and I laugh! your the silliest! Haha your my hero. Have a great day!

bellabella said...

wow. that was....something.

Daniell Andreas said...

Hahah... Where did you find that!?

And, hey!? Canadian language!? Spanish?!?! You make me atonished... That's Brazilian Portuguese!!! Oh man, do I live in the end of the Earth, that you can't even know my language!? Hahah...

*And the translation, good job Matt! Your version is funnier than the original... makes no sense! ;-)
Anyway, when you're coming to Brazil to really understand the people here?!

See ya...

mizoka said...

I was just gonna write that it's Brazilian Portuguese when I saw Daniell's comment. :P

So, a bit of useless culture for you and anyone who reads it. Oilman and Azure Jay are two local characters from this town called Curitiba. You can read about Curitiba on Wikipedia, and I guess you might find something interesting if you Google it, too.
Oilman is a crazy guy that rides his bike all the time, always without pants on (even in the Winter), and got kind of famous for that.
Azure Jay is another guy, representing our state's typical bird.

And the location of the first picture is a street called November 15th. It's one of the major streets in downtown Curitiba, and it's a pedestrian street. There you can find lots of stores, artistic performances, fairs and clowns.

Wow, I wrote a lot. I hope I don't get you bored, haha. And I hope one day you get to see Curitiba by yourself. :)

mizoka said...

Oh, and may I ask you where you found about Oilman? :P