Monday, December 17, 2007

Fievel Goes Blog

The last two weeks have been super busy, but pretty great. Being preoccupied before Christmas is an amazing thing. The holiday sneaks up on me, and I'm always grateful when its here. I watched American Tail last night. Hence the Fievel themed comic blog.

Click here if you can't see the whole thing

Fievel Goes Blog
Matty T.


Brittany said...


Fievel goes west was one of my favorite movies as a kid, it still is one of my favorites.. I love animal movies. haha.

that picture/comic thing is cute.

Songs? I want to hear that. :D

Christi said...


That's awesome :)

Christi said...

oh I forgot to say


Jess :]] said...

Hahaha cute blog.
Merry Christmas! :D
And happy new year.

Lindsay said...

Merry Christmas Matt! Glad you got to see your girl again :] Sadly, I have never seen this movie you spoke of therefore I don't get the reference.


Nina said...

this blog was so cute
it made my happy and it made smile :D
i love that movie
is good times a million :)

christmas snuck up on me as well, i don't have any shopping done, lol

merry christmas 8 days early :)

Nina said...

i forgot to say, songs?
i want to hear them... :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but

Fievel > You.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Mary Monstrosity said...

Is it odd to say that your blog is cute? I say no, it's not odd. (okay maybe it is a little) I like it alot. It's creative. Your blog=awesome.

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And any other different Christmas-y greeting you can think of that I can't. :)

Lindsey said...

Happy non-denominational holidays Matt! xD

I never actually saw that movie. I really loved How the Grinch Stole Christmas though. The old animated one?

Tinkered with songs? When are you ever going to release a solo CD? -taps foot impatiently-


Anonymous said...

Now what's this about nearly making out with a cat??

This is the best blog you've posted hands down I believe, pictures especially of fievel make it all better. .

. . .(sigh), and the memory of the song somewhere out there. . .lol, I love this movie as well.

Peace & Love over the holidays Matthew,


RK Freak♪ said...

sweet blog u got ideas? cant wait :)..i love clean laundry 2...whew thank god u avoided that cat..haha ^_^


ps. several weeks! damn

Victoria said...

darn you, matthew.
i now have that song stuck in my head.

Anonymous said...


Okay, I'm a sucker for some romance- that's just adorable!

JENNA! said...

i'm sure it was amazing, but i couldn't see half of it :(
What i did see was spectacular. I'm headin' your way during the holidays. OHIO here i come :D

raven said...

i love when you write cute blogs
like these, they always make my day ! :D


Evan said...

That's a clever way of looks all official-like. Nice job. I didn't realize this was on blogspot too. Cool. Blogspot for some reason makes you seem almost reachable. I stumbled upon this when something moved me to search for that old picture of you writing "I will fart after lunch" on a chalkboard. Thought you should know? Merry Christmas, sir.


Melanie said...

That really is adorable. Sounds like time off is going well. A little "normalcy" is a good thing now and again. So is romance. :)

Merry Christmas.


JENNA! said...

i clicked on the slick here if youcan't see the whole thing button and i still can't see the whole thing :(

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

I can't see it all but it's cute I guess...

I am jealous of Shannon. hehe. Any chance of you breaking up with her and realizing you're in love with me???

OK, I didn't think so.

Life sucks.

omg, was Dom DeLuise in Fievel Goes West?

I know I saw that movie, but it was a long time ago.

I hate Peter DeLuise.

Love you!


Amanda said...

LOL thats awesome! you are soo funny! I am glad you are having a great time being at home. I wish you a very merry Christmas!

Brittany said...

that's the link so people can see the entire picture.

Just trying to help everybody out.. Don't get mad Mr. T. I'm not starting a conversation in your blog comments.


Brittany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brittany said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nina said...

I see that you added a link to see that pretty comic of yours better but it's still the wrong link :/

You probably didn't notice because it's your account and since you're already signed into it, you can see the picture, but it's asking all of us to sign in :)

Anywho, the link that Brittany gave you should work, just make sure you highlight the whole thing... it looks like it got cut off a little at the end

Me and Brittany hope these comments aren't annoying you... we just wanna help :)

Elizabeth said...


Jasmine said...

Cool comic.

Kate said...

super cute, matt!
A+ in creativity! :D

*Paigey* said...

awwwwwwwww matttty sooooooooo cute!!! lol

♥ u =]