Sunday, December 30, 2007

Dave Douglasless

We just figured out that yesterday was the 7th year anniversary (to the day) of Dave's first show with us. Yesterday was also Dave's last show. We had a really good time playing together one last time. I think all of us were pretty emotional, but we were able to stay fairly composed. We were in the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee for the last few days, and with band, crew, management, and wives, there was 18 of us playing Guitar Hero (which I hate), pool, Blongo, and hanging out in a gorgeous mountainside cabin together. It was a really great way to say goodbye to a really great friend.

Today is actually the ten year anniversary of Relient K's first show ever. I never thought we'd last a decade, but I couldn't be happier. Here's to another ten.


Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary!


I almost cried a few times yesterday.. I was totally bummed..

I'm gonna miss Dave sooo much. Not as much as you, though. So I won't complain about him leaving.

I wonder if you got Penelope (ha).. You probably won't even tell me.. psh.. Mean.

Nina said...

happy anniversary! :D
you guys = spiffily amazingly snazztacular :)

i'm still pretty upset about dave. I wanted to make it to the last show, but I was the only one willing to drive those 9 hours, so I couldn't

But I'm happy that it went good :)

... I'm not a big fan of Guitar Hero myself... I'm a ddr person, lol

Haha, Blongo
is that what it's called? lol
i played that once
i was horrible..

I take you watched the Brown's game today.. too bad the colt's lost, boo. I had high hopes of the brown's being in the playoff's this year.. :/... and that was completely off topic... sorry, lol

Anywho, hope you're good

Nathan said...

You can't leave us hanging -- are you the fantasy football champ?

JENNA! said...

an emotional mix of saddness and happiness. i was so excited when i found out today was y'alls anniversary because today is my birhday! :D
Every time someone said happy birthday to me i told them about y'all. people at my church thought i made it up. hahahaha :D
sounded like you had FUN!!! :D

RK Freak♪ said...

happy aniversary :)am going 2 miss dave so much :'(

ps.i hate guitar hero 2[blah]


Melanie said...

I figured out the 7 year anniversary a while back because Scott told me the date he joined RK. I actually thought that is why the date was picked. Kinda funny. I'm glad it was a good time even if it was bittersweet. I'm hoping to see Dave again with Gypsy Parade sometime. Of course, in N. UT, who knows. LOL

I've never played Guitar Hero. I would most likely suck at it worse than Bocce ball. (much worse) LOL

anne said...

Congratulations on 10 yrs of Relient k.I was only introduced to your music about 4yrs ago and in my opinion you get better and better all the time.I will be OLD in io yrs but if i'm still around i will definately be listening to Relient k.Love you guys !! Anne =D

Laura said...

i think that's the greatest way for dave to end it, on his 7 year anniversary. we're gonna miss him.

wow! 10 years of relient k! that's amazing! congratulations.

ehh, guitar hero. i am terrible at it and still don't understand the fascination...

Anonymous said...

Well since blogger is so much cooler...haha, um..

I think it's crazy you guys have been playing for ten years, that's awesome. Seems like I haven't done anything consistent for ten years, especially a job, but if I had a fun job like yours I'm sure I'd stick around as well... :)

...and geez so days coming though, (well, maybe not a band), but my decade..of something. I'll probably end up being a farmer in North Dakota by the time I'm like... 80 and if you guys are still around then, well, I'll write ya and maybe we can all celebrate, using my land for a show of somekind... all psychedelic like, in 2060...with like tripped out new-age instruments, or something but...

I'm proud to say I like ya as a band still and sad to see Dave go as well..strange days and strange celebrations (and strange letters from me, I'm sure... unfortunately) call for hailed celebrations.. in cabins... and by golly, in the Smokey Mountains of course! I'm glad ya'll had a a final ho down up there...

As far as instrumental video games go, I have to say I prefere Rock Band, have you played it? (yeah..I'm sure you Love that one as well..haha) I like singing on that game the best, but I have yet to try the drums on it yet, kinda cheesy... but oh so Killer, :D

Happy New Year.

Lindsey said...

That makes me really, really sad but really, really happy at the same time. :/ I never got to meet Dave actually. Hopefully he'll come up to Canada for a Gypsy Parade show. :)

So you guys can't go on a Spring tour until you have a new drummer...

Haha my mom wants to buy Guitar Hero but it's sold out everywhere so if your copy goes missing, you know where it went.

Ten years? That IS along time. And if you guys break up or if another totally awesome person leaves, I swear I'll cry.

I love that picture by the way. :)

Anonymous said...

You guys need to write your next album in a cabin..(I'm being serious right now)...please, write your next album all together...the Eagles do that, even though one of 'em still lives in Texas...all of 'em get together in L.A. to write.. (I want their new album so bad!) and look, it still turns out smashing. :) Please at least think about it. :)

Luv, Sarah :)

Anonymous said...

Ten years? That's crazy stuff.
Well, here's to another ten

raven said...




PiNKiPodGymnast said...

So it's not cool that Dave left, but it's kinda cool that his last show was exactly seven years after his first!

That just cracks me up to Canada.

10 years of Relient K!?
You'd think we'd be sick of you, but WE'RE NOT!

(And yes, please do stick around for another ten)

Honestly Matt, I think you'll still sound great when you're 80

And your songs will still be cleverly brilliant and witty.


Soo. Did you find a new drummer?

I so wish I played drums. Cause then I could be part of Relient K.

Well if you ever need a female vocalist (although I don't see why you would. Your vocals are just fine =D) let me know.

I'm sorry you're Dave Douglassless.

Rock on!


lexidoodleellis said...

i love the tennessee mountains...

im considering going to school up there...

well im glad all went well...

i really wanted to go, but i just couldnt make it...

i cant wait to see what dave does through gypsy parade and other avenues

and i cant wait to see both of yall's bans on tour...

goodness gracious!

its almost been four months since ive seen you last

best of luck


....i pretty much stink at guitar hero!

KelseyBee said...

Its so sad that Dave isn't in the band anymore... hew was such a good drummer for your guys =D Best of luck in the New Year!

chelle said...

congrats on 10 years =] too bad dave can't be a part of the next 10 =[
i wish him the best of luck in everything and i hope you have tons of fun in tennessee i love that place it is fantastic!!
happy new year, it has been 2008 for exactly 1 hour and 36 minutes
i hope the new year brings lots of joy!!

have a good one.

Hallie said...

I miss him already.
Happy 10th.

katsimest said...

congratulations on your 10 years!
wow, has it been that long already?

& wow.. i can't believe dave has left.
it's a sad goodbye,
but i can only wish the best for him and relient k. :)

happy new years.
& happy 10th, matt.
here's to many more.

Christi said...

I miss Dave. I wish him the best.
The show was only a few hours from me. I wanted to go soooo bad. I really hope I get to see Gypsy Parade when they go on tour.

10 years. Wow. That's amazing. Congrats.

Happy New Year :) I hope you have an awesome 2008 :D

Amanda said...

Congrats! I am soo happy for you guys! I hope you guys will have another days years as well! :D and we are all going to miss Dave sooo much! I hope you have an wonderful new year!

*Paigey* said...

im sad about dave....but i guess we never know what the new year will bring....

BTW gutair hero gives a TERRIBLE example of gutair and i can say that because that is an instrument in which i do play!!!
ugh, u play gutair so awesomeeeee tho lol.

pleaseeeeeeeeee write more soooooooon i am begging you to NEVER QUIT RELIENT K !!!!!!! i would DIE if that happened!

love you =]

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

I agree with Paige
Don't quit Relient K!
I would dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Paigey* said...

thank u pinkipodgymnast! lol we have alot of the same intrests i see lol hey arent u pinkIpodGymnast on youtube? im xRelientKrox for anyone that cares =]

Ang said...

I seriously was really sad when I heard Dave was leaving. But at least he's onto newer and better things right? I guess. Good luck to him!

Elizabeth said...

Aww. Perform in wheelchairs, if you must. That's all I gotta say.

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

yeah im PiNKiPodGymnast on youtube

i think i saw you comment on Matt's page?

oops pardon the name pun. that was accidental.

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...

hehe its fine it always happens =D matty we arent trying to chat but ummm WE LOVE YOU AND YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! haha just had to get that off of my chest...*clears throat AHEM!!!* ok better now. yes PinkIpodGYmnast, i sent u a friendy request and yes you probably saw me post 5 hundred million billion comments on matty's channel =D
i love it.
love love love love love it.

love you.

emilyyates said...

i love the smokies.