Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ohio Statement

What the heck Buckeyes!? I promised all of my friends from Illinois that we were going to crush every ounce of dignity found in the hearts of the Champaign, Illinois fighting Illini (great team name by the way). Again, I was reminded that I don't know the first thing about the phrase "shoe-in". Ironically, whenever I claim something to be that, I end up with my foot in my mouth. My Chucks are too dirty to keep doing that.

I also bought a few records this week. I buy a lot of music on iTunes, but sometimes I feel tenacious enough to get off of my butt and actually go to a store to buy a physical copy of an album I want. On Tuesday night (the night before I had a 5 hour drive), I decided that I wanted to go get the new Say Anything. I love their "Is A Real Boy" record, and I had been looking forward to picking up the new one for a long time. I was so excited about getting it, that I went to a store (shall remain nameless) at 11am in my Uggs and sweat pants. If you know me, you know that I don't normally venture into public donning my PJs. So, I find the new Angels and Airwaves (which I wanted) right off the bat, but couldn't find the Say Anything record. They didn't have it. Then I looked for our Christmas disc. No dice (or any copies of "Let It Snow Baby...").Then I looked at the price on the A&A... $14.95! Why would I pay that, when I can get it on iTunes for $9.99!? So, I put it down, drove home, and bought some music from Charlotte's World Wide Web.

The last few shows have been a pleasant improvement from the last bunch. I like it when they don't cover the entire surface of the floor with chairs. I should be the chairman of the No Chairs Board. Someone should take a stand.

Caterpillar kisses,
Matty T.


Louisa said...

that sucks about the-store-that-shall-not-be-named having ridiculous prices, but not having your CD.

The Green Bay show was pretty sweet :D but i was kind of disappointed you guys didn't come out to meet people afterwards.

veronica! said...

I'm surprised no one warned you of Say Anything earlier. It's hard to take a band seriously when they sing about Spores. But to each his own, right? As far as the misuse of "shoe-in" goes...I can empathize. I use phrases wrong all the time, assuming I know the meanings. Ah, humility. But..good luck in the future with appropriately...using the right phrases? Wow, vague.
Btw..your Christmas album: fantastic. I find absolutely no shame listening to it 24/7 despite the fact Thanksgiving hasn't even occured yet. Thanks :]

Brittany said...

I hate you.

Ok. Not true.. But I like the songs of Say Anything's new album. Well, The ones I've heard. I'm currently saving all my money for you and the rest of rk, so I don't own the cd.. Same with Angels and Airwaves.. But I've borrowed a few.. Oh And I LOVE Is A Real Boy..., Too.

You Know, it's funny.. Bre Posted a bulletin earlier about AvA's New Album, and I commented on it stating that I didn't have it. And I also mentioned not having the new say anything record in that bulletin comment I left her.. The only two bands I mentioned, you wrote about in your blog. ahaha...

Charlotte's World Wide Web. HA.

Brittany said...
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Nina said...

I am actually listening to "Let It Snow, Baby... Let It Reindeer" right now... :] I am singing along, it is fun :D [not that you really needed to know I was singing along... lol]

And yikes! 14.95?! I would only pay that much for a Relient K cd... and I am completely honest in saying that, lol

Thank Goodness for shopping in pajamas and then looking at the prices and leaving [It's what I do all the time]... and then proceeding to buy it on iTunes for $5 cheaper :] Great Success :D

And what exactly does the phrase a "shoe in" mean? I was thinking about it for a while [in all the spare time that I don't have... I need to stop procrastinating... lol] and I really have no idea what it means... I thought maybe it was like, "I'm a shoe-in to win"... so a good chance? Maybe? lol, bah, I have no idea... but oh no, don't eat your shoe... that'd leave you with a bad taste in your mouth... and one shoe...

I hope at least some of this makes sense, it's getting late and I don't believe I'm thinking straight... teehee, that rhymed... :]

I better get sleep, lol
I love your blogs Matthew :D... May I call you Matty?


Nina said...

And I think that you should be the chairman of the No Chairs Board as well... :]

I don't think it when they set up chairs... it's hard to jump and I always end up somehow hurting myself, haha

But it is nice to know I can go buy a shirt and still have a spot to come back to...

And that's good that the shows've been better than the previous ones *woots and happy dances*

Brittany said...
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Isaac Marion said...

Mr. Thiessen,

I represent the Yes Totally Chairs Board, and I would like to say a word in defense of the Sitting Utensils you so flippantly disregard here in this blog posting. The Yes Totally Chairs Board understands that as a Rock Music Star, it is expected of you to make rash counter-cultural statements, but we urge you to use some restraint. Chairs are a very important part of this country's infrastructure, and serve a wide variety of important roles in our society, from sitting, to standing-on, to throwing or using as a bludgeon. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "please be seated", at weddings, church services, airports, etc. Hard to please be seated if there are no seats. Please consider these realities next time you start to discredit chairs. Thank you.

Isaac Marion
Chairman of the Yes Totally Chairs Board

Melanie said...

$14.95 is kinda high. I thing Wally World charges from $9.99 to $13.88 depending on the cd. I'll pay $15 at a show, but that's to support bands mostly. I went to see New Found Glory and was all set to buy their cd, got all excited when it was ony $10 to find out they were sold out. I even asked if the display copy had a cd in it. LOL

Sorry the CD isn't what you hoped it would be. A couple of years ago Dave Elkins said he liked Copeland Say Anything. I'm now a big fan of Copeland, but just didn't get into Say Anything. Someone tonight told me they put on a good show,though.

I have mixed feelings about shows with chairs vs. shows without, but I think it's because I'm old. ;) There are advantages and disadvantages. The puns were brilliant as usual.

But it's kinda late, and I'm rambling. LOL

See ya at the end of the month.


Anonymous said...

Gosh, chairs.... NO Kidding.

I really hope there's no chairs in Everett although there was the last time I was there, but that was over 5 years ago...woah, it doesn't seem that long.

Since it's your last show of this tour, and if there are chairs, can we be free to throw them somewhere or stack them neatly in a random vacant closet? I'll just pretend you said, "Yes." and say ... "Thanks." :)

That's about all I got to say on this one...Yup...

Although, I can add that when I was at a fairly popular record store in West Seattle and asked if they had any of your album's they also said no. But I think I was in the used vinyl section there...hmm, I guess I tried.

(Note to self: Lol....Nice comment Sarah....). :~/

Hope your days going well. :)

chelle said...

i am sorry that your CD shopping was unsucessful =[
i am pretty pumped for wed for the concert...i am just not sure if i have a ride there yet cause my mom wont let me and my friends drive to cinci. it is only like 35 min but she just isnt comfortable with it which i guess is pretty understandable
but my friends are asking their moms so hopefully we can go

i just cant stand to pass up a concet 35 in from my house!!!
and i LOVE you new album
just love it best christmas music ever =]

well i hope i will see you on wed!

Mercy said...

I hate that I can't find you guys' christmas cd anywhere either. I'm just going to have to buy it over the inter-web. :s
I would definately not sit in a chair at a RK show.

Mary Liz said...

I honestly know how you feel about the shoe-in thing. And i bet my chucks are WAY dirtier than yours. The sad thing is I had them washed a while ago...

Say Anything is awesome, but I don't have their new CD and my copy of "Is a Real boy..." died. I've been meaning to get the new Angels and Airwaves for a while but I'm broke. I heard it sounds alot like their last one.

I had the same luck you had when looking for your Chirstmas CD. I went into the store with my bestest friend so I can show her that it was going to be my birthday present from her and they didn't have it. It was sad.

Chairman of the No Chairs Board.

HB said...

If you want to check out some new stuff on itunes the band called This is Luke is really good for a new band

LetItAllOut1040 said...

so how was A&A because i was going to buy it.....

duke15 said...

i went to the atlanta show and it was a crappy experience.. i hated being stuck in a seat.. BOOOOOOOOO!!!
I'm glad you agree

Christi said...

At the show in Greenville, SC I didn't like all the chairs being there. I kept bumping into my chair because of all the jumping I was doing, but I still managed to have fun anyway :)

I got Let It Snow Baby at wal-mart the day it came out...I don't know why anyone else can't seem to find it lol. Maybe I just got lucky.

I really want to get the A&A album it any good? iTunes is amazing. I'll pay 9.99 for an album anyday even if it isn't the real physical thing. Although, sometimes it is nice to have that but it's way better than spending 5 extra bucks that I probably don't have. That sucks that the Say Anything album isn't any good...I was thinking about getting it, but I probably won't now.


Lindsey said...

Grawr. My CD is STILL in the mail and it has officialy been 3 weeks AND I pre-ordered it so I would get it on or around the day it came out.

That's just not nice!


I hope your cute little ears find some good music to listen to that makes them happy. Why don't you go listen to yourself?

Ha sweat pants and Uggs. That made me think of a girl. Sorry but it's true. Not that I'm questioning your manliness at all. A moustache AND plaid shirts? It practically screams lumberjack and we all know how manly they are. All you need now is a Wendy's Baconator and a copy of Transformers on DVD and you'll be more manly than He-Man!

diannanicole said...

i want the new angels and airwaves cd. the last one is great.

i just want to say, that you are amazing in every sense of the word.

and i heart you greatly.

JENNA! said...

that's horrible they didn't have you cd! I've never bought anything off of itunes, but i've owned an ipod for like 4yrs. maybe i should try it :D
my dad is a buckeye's fan too! We live in Tx but he's from Ohio. Ever heard of Monroeville? Population is like 100 or something :D

Karissa said...

I saw "Let It Snow Baby..." at Best Buy in the New Releases section. It made me happy. :)

Holly said...

I would join your No Chairs Board. Chairs are a nuisance at concerts. My best friend did write a short story once about waking up in a world with no chairs. Perhaps your board and Mr. Marion's board can find a compromise for the appropriate placement of chairs. :P

Christopher M. Tucker said...

1. I'm an Illinois fan. I definitely thought of you as I watched the highlights from that game. And thought of your frustration. Haha.

2. I like the new Say Anything. I didn't at first, but it grew on me. Is and Was a Real Boy kill the new one though.

3. Killer show in Springfield. It was definitely a different experience seeing you guys with April and Kelly. They tried to teach me the motions for the songs, but I'm a slow learner. Next time, Matt. Next time.

sjaarnaeh said...

Chairs Really Are Not That Helpful At Concerts. It Also Isnt Helpful When Security Makes Everyone Go Back To Said Chairs To Get Rid of Some Fire Hazard.

recordprayer said...

goodness gracious. 'chairman of the no chairs board- someone should take a stand' made me giggle loudly in the middle of my uni library. it's very quiet, most people are actually getting on with work, and i'm sitting with headphones in LITERALLY 'lol'ing. i'm a disgrace.

but good joke, mr. thiessen.

ps. cometotheukcometotheukcometotheukcometotheuk. come to the uk, please.

Anonymous said...

I keep telling you Matt, the shows are better when we're there ;)

...I suppose it could be the whole No Chairs thing too but I'll still take credit for good shows whenever I can.

lexidoodleellis said...

music is so expenxive noawadays, aint it?

i am not a big fan of concerts with chairs either...

yesterday i was at this festival where they had folding chairs and picnic blankets and stuff...

and people would just leave them there during the concert and you didnt wanna trip over it so you just kinda threw them in a pile... it was weird...

i am missing this tour!

i cant wait till yall come down here to the FL again..


Andrea said...

I really hope that we get no chairs assigned on The hammerstein Ballroom. I want first row even if that means I'll pass out and get squeezed to the max. I want to buy you guys some gifts but I don't know wat yet. hmm I have 5 days to think about it! haha see yousooon!!

Time and Confusion said...

Let me just say that
your christmas record is awesome.
I listen to it quite a bit.

I saw you guys last night in Michigan and I know what you mean by the chairs thing. It is very annoying.. but You guys did great. I love ya

<3 Kara

Victoria said...



ok. i'm done.

chelle said...

ok so i hope you have a blast at the concert tonight
i am soo upset cause i cant go ..we all dont have a ride=[
but do you think you could post when you have another concert in ohio cause i really would love to go!!
well good luck!!

raven said...

it would be hilarious
so to see you work some
uggs and sweatpants

nice blog mr.thiessen


Anonymous said...

I hate nailed to the ground chairs.

I'm not writing you, just commenting on chairs.

bellabella said...

catepillar kisses? haha.
sound like you had some adventures...

liz said...

Uggs! Ha.



Amanda said...

The store did not have your Cd? hmm well was it because they just don't have it or they are sold out? lol

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

Hey Matt!!!!!
Your Chucks being too dirty comment made me laugh.

I think the name if "Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer" is so clever! That is just one of the many things I love about you, Matthew!!!! <3

I do not have LISB...LIR, but my best friend does...
in fact, we just went to your concert a few days ago (the exact day, just like the stroe you went to, shall remain nameless so I do not give away my location)
anyway, it rocked!!!!
You are soo good live, and...
wait, I had a point, I shall compliment you later...
Anyway, I was saying that I took my best friend and she got your Christmas album. Her first RK cd ever!
Oh, I've let her listen to the Relient K songs I have on my iPod, but, now she is a full-blown fan.

lol. she definitely enjoyed her first concert ever!

funny thing is, me and my mom got tickets awhile back... on the floor! not front row, but ok enough.
the on the day of the concert, we randomly spun a plan of my bff and her mom coming with us, and so they bought tickets farther back (in the same section i was in first time i saw a concert at that venue, weird) so our plan was to have me and my bff in the floor seats if our moms could see us from their seats, but since me and my mom knew that if you didn't have floor tickets, you weren't allowed to go to the floor, that plan was scrapped. so when we got there, we traded with two people near the back.

so I gave up my floor tickets so I could see my first Relient K concert with my best friend. and it was her first concert ever!

All I know is that I will see Relient K again and I will be front row!!!

anyway, Matt, you ROCKED!
i love your voice anyway
but it's great live!!!!!

I could go on forever but I fear I will not be able to post this comment because of length as it is.

(Matt, do you even read these comments, cause if not, I shall feel like a dork for talking to you.)

wow... "shall"???
I don't talk like that normally.

Mary Liz said...

A second comment from me to inform you that I have won in the search for "Let it Snow Baby..." I found it at the third place I looked. Sad thing is, I found it at the place that usually doesn't have very many CD's. Why I didn't find the Cd in the larger stores, I don't know.

You know what I think? I think you should fly to where I am and get it here, just to say you did. You can stay at my house! Except not really... Cause I know you can't. Hah. And I'm pretty sure my mom doens't want someone else in the house that she has to feed. (lots of kids and pets. lol) Well I told you the one point I had in this comment and that was succeeding in finding your CD. Kinda pointless for me to go on. That's it...

Mary Liz said...

This is my comment for while I'm gone. I'm leaving for Florida for a week. WEW! First vacation (and I'm a teenager. Not right). I envy you for your "I'm older therefore I've been on vacations-ness". But you're awesome so it's okay. =]

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

hey, i'm new to your blog...
but i've been a relient k fan for most of my adolescene. :)
anyways, just had to say that the last part of this entry about being the chairman of the No Chairs Board and someone taking a stand...well, i laughed. and cringed. because your wit astounds me sometimes.
...if this is you, then woe is me. :)
oh, and by the way, as a dedicated Illini fan, i wasn't too pleased with your dissing on the name. however, i was pleased with that ohio state-illinois game.

ChristinaTheAnomalous said...

i'm weird in the way that i like to physically purchase many of my cds. now, if there's just one or two songs, i'll go on rhapsody er something. idk, i guess it's the same issue i had w/ those 'e-books' or w/e they're called. you can't turn the pages. ok, so it's a little different i guess. haha no, the only excuse i have is weirdness,...which is quite normal for me.

2_cool said...

do u know ff5?(family force5) they r with gotee records 2.....