Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baby Got Back (80's edition)

I'm back.

More importantly...

I think Baby Got Back should've been the title of Dirty Dancing II (pauses to confirm via Google that there was, in fact, a Dirty Dancing II). It should've been the story of how Baby came back from summer vacation, put on a creepy mask, and used her new dancing abilities to rip her victims limb from limb. Her victims.........?


Release date: Halloween 1988

It is almost that time of year, isn't it? I'm excited. Its my favorite season. As a kid I was set on it. I would sit and swing on my swingset around sunset, and I'd pretend to see thousands of bats flying all around in the changing leaves. I LOVED Halloween. (I was a weird kid. I had two twin imaginary friends. For a LONG time. Maybe I'll blog about that someday.)

The cruise was great. I did cruise for a bruise, but minimal burnage.

This story is better if you have seen "Say Anything". (1989)

Not the band... The movie, silly.

My buddy Josh and our respective lady friends were hanging out in my cabin, and these people on another balcony started blasting music really loud. I grabbed my portable iPod boombox, put on Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes", and blasted them out of the water (well, that would've blasted me out of the water too.... I just played the song REALLY loud). The best was that I did it standing like this (photo taken during performance)

She's gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.

Next item on 80's agenda. I've decided not to shave for a while, and go back to the mustache look. I should have a good start by the beginning of tour. I miss the stache. Its a really funny thing to walk through the world and have every stranger that you encounter think that you're a complete chowderhead.

I also miss the word chowderhead. I'm going to start a show called Chowderheads, and my buddies and I are going to film ourselves doing dumb stuff like giving ourselves paper-cuts and snorting wasabi. My name will be Matt. Other's will have names like Johnny Nashville and Ban Margarine!

I'll be rich. And there will be no more butter substitute.

Ok. Gotta get back to working on tour stuff. I'm waiting on Hoopes to tell me when he has to switch guitars during the show. Excitement! Rock and Roll!!!!

By the way, I won two games of Fantasy Football. One of them was against my good bud Joshy. It felt good to defeat him, but I felt sad that he had to lose... oh wait... nope... didn't feel bad at all.


Get it?


Kelly said...

I think you should keep the mustache look in the past.....

raven said...

haha yr blogs
always make me smile !
im looking forward to that mustache look :)


Brittany said...

Of Course You Post When I Had To Leave And Walk The Dogs.. Bleh, Whatever.. haha.

You Know, Today I Almost Commented You Saying The Name Of A Say Anything Song.. But I Decided Not To.. Then You Mention The Movie 'Say Anything' (Which I DO Happen To Know Of) Here In The Blog.. I Think That's Pretty Funny, Eh..

I Love Halloween, Too. But It's Not My Favorite, I Like Easter.. Yay Bunny Rabbits And Chickens! haha.. :)

Brittany said...
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Anonymous said...

Matt I encourage you to embrace the past and I'm lovin' the 80's references far too much.

And who knows-- maybe you will finally have a tremendously successful attempt at growing facial hair...anything's possible.

Nina said...

Yay! I'm so happy that you had a good time!! Sweet pic by the way! :D haha, it makes me giggle :D

And guau! you're gonna have a mustache again!! ah! i can't wait to see-ith it... in 8 days... if you started growing it out yet... i don't know how long it'll be, lol

And and and!! halloween = so amazing!!! I still go trick-or-treating *woot* even though i'm 18... what's better than free candy? I'll tell you, those bats that you imagined.. bats are cute, i like them... i want one as a pet... that might not turn out too well...

I talk too much and I wrote a really long reponse again... you still reading? Maybe this can be my experiment [I], Will Matthew read all of long comment? This is the question I ask... *rubs chin*

I love your blogs they make me laugh and they make me happy :D And I agree, Dirty Dancing II should have been called baby got back, lol... :D

And yay for winning two games of fantasy football!!

Okay really, I'll stop talking now... *gives aloe for sunburn!*

Victoria said...

oh me oh myyy. in exactly two weeks, i'll be able to tell how amazingly 'stachie that 'stache is. :)

i definitely can't wait!

matthew will win fantasy football.
have any bears players? heh.

i am going to leave you now, as i'll be watching "say anything" which i'm leaving now to get from our local video place...what a magical land.

Victoria said...

and i can see shannon. in your sleeve.

diannanicole said...

hmm i think i say no on the stash.
i'm coming to see you on the 28.
and i'm OH SO excited.

lexidoodleellis said...


how lovely www.relevantgentlemansociety.com

join that mustache club

im in it...

Ban Margarine! that wouldnt be a fun name to have!

but it WOULD make a cool tv name..

your cruise sounds cool

i love that picture!

its cool! (i can see shannons reflection in it)

alexis doesntthinkyou'reachowderhead ellis

Christi said...

You are hilarious.
I love that picture alot. I can see Shannon...
That's something I would do (blast a song really loud)

I'm glad that you won 2 games in fantasy football!!
Score one (two) for Mr. Thiessen.

I'm looking forward to seeing the stache. That is, if you keep it until November 3rd because that's when I'll be seeing you. It better be there. If it's not I'll hunt you down and do something to you (only not really)

I do believe that Chowderheads is going to be an instant hit.


Christi said...

oh yeah I forgot, Halloween = amazing.

sjaarnaeh said...

You Are Definitely Not Afraid To Throw It Away To Fall In love With The 80's :)
I Love Halloween Too! HaHa, Would It Be Wierd If Someone Went As You? All They Would Need Would Be A Plaid Shirt And Good Air Guitar! :D Just Kidding Matt!
you Rock And Im Very Proud Of You For Winning The Race To Post The First Cruise Blog

Lindsey said...
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Anawall Zi Caviar said...

going back 2 the mustache look ey':)[raising my eyebrow]but u better keep it this time. chowderhead that word makes me laugh for some reason:D
am just glad ur back and that u had fun.cant wait 2 see the stache
its final am going 2 see u on the 30th of november.as for halloween sorry but i hate that holiday am more of a thanksgiving and christmas person.i love 2 get presents and plus am more of a happy person that time of year:)

Andrea said...

I'm totally with kelly on that one. leave the stache in the past... you want to look older or something? haha
Great to know you guys re back! ;]

sjaarnaeh said...

Oh, And I Told My mom That YOu Are Bringing The Mustache Back....She Said That It WOuld Make You Look Like A Child Molester, AKA Dont Do It :)

Jess :]] said...

Haha, you gunny guy, you.
Glad you had fun. :]

Jess :]] said...

Oh yeah.
Matt, you're "in Love with The 80's."
Bahaha. Ok bye. :]

liz said...

Mustache? Yay! Glad you had a good time on the cruise.

Mercy said...

Oh dear, I heard about this blog a little late, and now there are already 20 comments ahead of mine. Anyways. I love the movie Say Anything, and I also love how she gives her dad the pen at the end of the movie. Good luck with the 'stache, have you thought about piercing just your left ear? I'm done with this excessivly long comment now. Which you probably didn't read anyway. :)

icedancer said...

tee hee. my b day is the day before halloween. funny i'm not more into it. i guess its a bigger deal at the rink i train at now because everyone dresses up the sunday before (unless halloween is sunday, and obviously they dress day of). its fun. lucky you and your cruise. lol.

Karen said...

halloween is amazing. but i still don't know what to be..hmm

i can't wait to see this said stache. and dude, i want to be able to buy tickets to the shows..but they haven't been released yet.. WTH??

Anonymous said...

What's next - a pink tux to the prom?

Amanda said...

Yeah. I love this time of year too! not because of halloween, I just like the weather, but my Mom never liked halloween, I have never been trick or treating because she does not like halloween. but I don't care. lol.

I am soo glad you have a great time! haha I would love to hear about your twin imaginary friends. lol

ahh yes, stuff for your tour. awesome! I can't wait to see you guys on the 27th!

Melanie said...

Halloween seems to be really popular in UT. I'm not the biggest fan. Maybe it's because some big thug ripped my bag from my hand one Halloween and it smarted a bit, but really I don't think that's it.. just not my favorite. We have an alternative night here, though and I take pics of the kids, print them up and put them in a card for them. It is lots of fun.

Glad you didn't burn too much on the cruise. Do you still feel like you are walking on the boat sometimes? I did that for about a week, especially in the shower, which was weird.

As for paper cuts and snorting wasabi... sounds rather painful.
But I thought of a Spill Canvas song when you said that.

Congrats on your victory.

I will try reserve judgement on the mustache issue. ;) LOL

Amanda said...

Oh and by the way, if you want the stache back no one can stop you.. haha but I agree with andrea. ;)

Tamara said...

yay for 80's stuff. I always wished I lived in the 80's, but alas, I was born in 1990 :( *tear*
It's good that you had a great cruise! and good luck with the stash

Anonymous said...

A moustache? Ohh..
Haha, well you're already aware of the implications of that so have fun with it, haha

Emily said...

hehe u make me laugh SO HARD!!!!

Mercy said...

Amen to no more butter substitute.

Abby said...

Im glad u had a great time! Im waiting for a new podcast :3

see you on tour!

talia said...

ahhaha! nice.. love the picture..lol
yeah the stache..well..whatever its your face..
Im glad you had fun!!
I hate papercuts! not to mention I have already seen someone
snort wasabi (believe it or not)
hehe I cannot wait til October 23rd!

JENNA! said...

Sounds like you had fun!
I can't wait for the tour!! :D

Audrey Ugrin said...

Halloween makes me smile because it's a) right after my birthday (ok, it's like 2 weeks after my birthday, but close enough), b) because I can go to a creepy corn maze with my brothers and other youth group buddies, depart from the group when no one's watching, sneak around ahead of the group, and crawl out from between the corn stalks imitating the Grudge girl. It gets 'em every time. And of course we can't forget that our good friends up north get their own special Thanksgiving in this joyous month. Happy Holloween Matt!


diannanicole said...

my friend just told me that canadians eat mayonnaise on everything...do you happen to follow through on this stereotype? i just felt like i had to find out. haha.

Anonymous said...

You're funny.

You just made me smile big by saying the stash is on the grow back. "He's bringing stashy back, Yeah!" (I know that's cheesy, I've just been listening to a lot of Justin lately...sorry.)

So by the time the band hits Everett, Dec. 3rd it should be HUGE, I can't wait. Hopefully it will be braid-able by then. Braided stash? Now that be incredible to see. Lol, luv ya Matty!

Brittany said...
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PiNKiPodGymnast said...

PLEASE do not grow a mustache!!! PLEASE!!!!
I will be seeing you in 37 days and you look good clean-shaven!
somebody commented... saying why grow one? are you trying to look older?
please don't... we like you looking young!!

I like the idea of the Chowderheads... me and my bff always wanted to have show... but that's cause we always say or do something really funny... so yeah

Blasting music rocks.

"I was a weird kid."
I think my heart skipped a beat when I read that.
I was definitely a weird kid... still weird now, but differently.
I love weird people!
Especially cute weird people.
Ah did I just say that?
Luv ya Matt

Halloween's cool.... I was never allowed to gp tirck or treating... but we used to go to Harvest Festivals at my old church. Candy is the best.
I get the leftovers we hand out to trick or treaters.
And I dress up.
I love scary decorations.... only they're not that scary...
Scary rocks.

I went to a haunted house once... it was on a boardwalk... (ya know like an ocean boardwalk...)
it rocked!!!!!

Sorry for this long comment, Matt
I just had so much to say back to ya!


Christi said...

I just want to say that Sleigh Ride is amazing.
I think I told you that in a message...but I just had to say it again, Because it really is.

meggggg said...

i watched say anything a few days ago.

jc_penny said...

No mustache!

I love you guys....


Moose said...

i've voted for you guys a bunch on the mcdonald's thingamabob. oh, happy late (Canadian) thanksgiving. that was like a week ago. but anyway.

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

hey matt!
me again

lost count of how many days till i see you guys

ok so my blog is up
<3 u

Brittany said...
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♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...

lolerz. thanks for being honest matt. i love that ending but its so....'inevitable'. oh wait, that word would make no sense in this sentence. ah! i'll leave the amazing words and definitions to you my dear hero =D

love you.