Thursday, September 27, 2007

Experiment III

Ok... I'm going to re-enable commenting on this thing. Just don't chat with each other in the comment zone. Please and thanks.


Holly said...

Okay, I promise :)
Your blog is quite entertaining, Matt.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brittany said...



It'll Be Difficult.. But For You, I'll Resist.. :)

I'm Glad You're Enabling Comments Again.. I Feel Kinda Bad Now, Like I'm The Reason You Disabled Comments Originally, Cause I Think I Did That.. On Your First Post. Oh Well... Now I Know Not To Do It, So You Will Hopefully Be Keeping Comments Now.

Hey... Now I Don't Have To Write You On Myspace About Your Blogs.. HaHa.. I Can Just Write Here Again. Yes, I Only JUST Realized That..

I Like Your New 'About Me' And Picture..

You Are AWESOME. :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds fair enough to me.
&&btw, no matter how hard you try, I still find your blog interesting. It's just the way it works, haha.

meggggg said...

yay =]

sjaarnaeh said...

Its A Deal :D
Just So You Know, Your Gonna Have To Do Alot more Than This If You Wanna Throw Me Off Your Scent, Even When You Try To be Boring Its Not At All :)

Brian said...

hola! hope you have fun with switchfoot on tour and sometime if you guys got spare time come to south korea please!

Emily said...

I won't!!! I pinkie swear!
Hey! I love readin' ur blog!
Post more!!

lexidoodleellis said...


not chatting with each other will he hard..

but i mean, we already have contact info with pretty much everyone who comments on here anyways...


but yeah.. thanks for enabling that again :D


Lindsey said...

I solemnly swear...

Hm, maybe that's not good enough. Scout's Honour, pinky swear and cross my heart and hope to die.

There, is that good? I like how you change your picture every time. xD

Thanks Matt. You silly gosling!

Pip-pip, chin-chin and toodlio!

Mercy said...

:) I like reading your blogs. They are entertaining.

Andrea said...

yay!! I love your blog! It is never boring and I get a good laugh out of it....Always! I promise not to chat. I never do though. Like brittany said, almost all of us got a blog now. ;]

Christi said...

I really LOVE your blog.
I also love your new picture :)
You are so awesome.

Nina said...

yay! :D

This makes me happy that your blog's commentable [is that a word?] again :]
And I promise :D
You're nice and this blog is possibly my most favoritest :D

I used a lot of smilies in this comment :D

KelseyBee said...

No matter how boring your trying to make a blog, trust me it will entertain me =D

liz said...

Yay! You're my hero.

Anabel said...

Matt u can try and try 2 make ur blog boring but trust me u always make me smile:]

Adrianna said...

i love your blog!

Victoria said...

ahh. i can comment again! :)

so, i'm pretty much going to meet you someday. don't worry, i'll send you picture proof. haha. :D

Nathan said...

you vigorously inspire me.
love to you.

raven said...

yay !
your blogs
are always so clever :)
keep posting them !


Madison said...

Thank you.
very much.
been waiting for you to enable this
ah, wait, haven't introduced myself.
Amanda, Relient K fangirlie at yurr service.
might find more of me and more about me in Schneck's blog.

P.S. I'm logging in with my friend's google account. don't tell her. some of us aren't privileged enough to be allowed to have a blogger until they're a year older. D:

by the way, i'm not too happy 'bout that Bengals comment some ways back.... >.o

JENNA! said...

No chatting. Whoo hoo commenting!!! :D You are pretty amazing. As well as all the other wonderful RK dudes and fam.

Brad Moist said...

I'll leave you if you leave me

tarkmiddy said...

Matt, your blog is really good, just thought I'd comment and say I really enjoy reading it


Anonymous said...

Your blogs are extremely entertaining and funny. And I wish mine were as funny as yours. This will probably never happen...



♥PaigeFOOL♥ said...

if you promise to keep writing im not going to chat =D i love this blog (and you) too much!!!

♥Paige-FOOL♥ said...

geeeeeeez i forgot that you posted this. dang i have reallllllllllly broken the rules i am totally killing myself for it. gosh im so ashamed i am realllllllllllly sorry.