Thursday, September 27, 2007


I didn't do anything wrong. Rather, we're not gonna be visiting this nation's finest airports for a while, so I won't have any more long flying stories or whiny blogs about delayed flights (hopefully I won't have to deal with that stuff for a while). Hence, I am grounded. Thank God.

Sorry about the last blogorino. I was trying to see if I could write something really long and boring and still have people read it. Some did. This whole blog thing is gonna be me testing any unfortunate readers like lab rats.

Oh dear.

This installment is short and weird. I'm gonna throw a poem on here. I envision it being read by Queen Latifah. She's royalty, you know.

A Poem. Haha. Gross.

Again, another attempt to throw you guys off my scent. This is a Pack Of Wild Blogs, you know.


By the way, I'm not a nature monger or a tree hugger (I actually don't have any relationships with any trees that have reached the level of conversation. Embracing is a ways off, I should think) That aside, the moon was pretty much full, and the proceeding may mention girly clouds and stuff. Haha. Gross.

To Whom It May Concern,

Tonight the clouds rushed passed your monthly love obsession
Her Majesty,
The Fullest Of Moons

Dark clouds
Light clouds

Tonight I hope
The Dark may once again be Light
Less Dense, Wispier

Cause you know you don't wanna miss a thing, Sugar

Your Majesty,
The Fullest Of Moons


I lost this week in fantasy football. 2-1


Emily said...

I 2 am grounded, but in the trouble kinda way.
Sorry u lost I'll pray for a win next time!

lexidoodleellis said...

wow... i dont know how i feel being treated like a lab rat..

i guess ill get over it...


Christi said...

you make me laugh :)

Anabel said...

a lab rat?hahaha
am wishing u luck right now>_<
hope u win next time:]

Travis said...

Have fun with your days off!

Hope you do well this week in fantasy football. I'm glad you're doing better than me. I'm 1-1-1. I drafted both Steven Jackson and Maurice Jones-Drew. Sucks, huh?

Victoria said...

that's quite creative.
you should make that into a song.
lol...poems. that reminds me of that one podcast...where warne couldn't figure out if HIS poem was a limerick or not. it wasn't.

sjaarnaeh said...

You Know,
i Really Cnat Picture Anyone Else Reading It But Her :]

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

that was an AWESOME poem
it was really cool

and I agree, you should make it into a song

I love songs that are so random that they don't make sense but they sound really cool. like how I talk in real life. lol....

Crayons Can Melt On Us For All I Care....
songs like that.... only that's the title not the lyrics.

The Only Thing Worse Than Beating A Dead Horse Is Betting On One....
ok not that's a great title,and the lyrics are wayyy cool!
those are my fave types of songs by matt thiessen!

they're lamost gibberish, and yet they rhyme well and have correct grammar and everything
only a real genius could write songs like that

luv ya!

campbell's makes everything mmm mmm megan said...

you are amazing. i just thought you should know that.

ps: the mn concert was freakin surprise there!

sally † said...

haha lab rat lab rat labby labby lab rat
i could probably make up a lab rat dance to go with my lab rat song!