Monday, April 6, 2009

Walking In a Spider Webisode



Cierra Joy said...

I watched you on Stickam.... but you left 'fore I could say hello :(

Anonymous said...

amazing! can't wait to see you all in canada! canada's wonderland in june! :D

Anonymous said...

and yes, reliable j! ;O

Anonymous said...

matt, how do "you" write songs? music and/or lyrics? I would love to have a little insight. Thanks for your time.

long time fan.

Ali said...

Relient k you guys are great! Keep it up.=)

Ali said...

Matt do you ever get stage fright?

Lindsey said...

I can't lie, I'm absolutely loving the camerawork in these webisodes. It makes everything seem dramatic, haha.


~Sarah said...

LOL "rat's nest" ;).

Loving the webisodes :D.

Melanie said...

I loved the webisode. The footage of the squirrel was so crystal clear it was amazing. Vince Gill was pretty funny. He'd be a great straight man. LOL

Stay well. :) --Melanie

Christi said...


fiddle_thunder said...

Loved the squirrel! I can't wait till you guys come out here to Seattle. I've already got my ticket sititng safe and sound in my sock drawer. Hope you guys pack plenty of rain gear when you come out. It's not called te rainiest state of the continental US for nothing! I'm already working on playing Sadie Hawkins Dance by ear on my violin=]

Rose said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

walking in a spider webisode.

lol.. that's the funniest i've i heard in my whole entire life, i swear.

so cheesy.. i laughed forever.

aww, i love you!!

Kate said...

the squirrel was so cute. :]
haha, everyone loves rk.

yay! can't wait for the record!

chelle said...

Hey there Matt!
So today my dad bought our family front row tickets to your concert in august, in Columbus.
I am so so so excited :)
I cannot wait and I hope I get the chance to meet you!
You're the greatest, see you this summer!!!

Jasper said...

Hey, Matt
I am loving the webisodes. I am one of your newer(is newer a word?) fans. I was listening to the vinyl countdown. I am one of the kids who does know what vinyl is. I think your right though not many kids know what it is. I also love the mood rings song and the Apathetic way to be.

Eliza said...

hey matt!

i heard you have been sick. it seems like you have been sick for a while now...i hope you feel better soon! being sick is the worst.


Danielle said...

Hey, Shout out from Durban, South Africa!

I am a big fan...

You guys are huge here!
Of course we get all your store stuff a little late... like a year or something... which is the main reason they invented the internet.

Anyway.. I'm a singer/songwriter too..(hate that term)

Maybe you'll hear the stuff some day and like it too=)

peace out and such..