Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Too Legit To Twit

So I guess I'm doing it.

I'll still keep this blogform and update it more frequently when I'm not recording an album.

We had a great time in Oklahoma City on Saturday... I'm still battling the remnants of a virus, so I had Tim from House Of Heroes help us sing some tunes. We played a bunch of acoustic songs as well. We were stoked to see Sloop John B and Pedro The Lion's, Big Trucks show up in the set list.



♥Paige♥ said...

Sounds good Matty!!!

Keep jammin...

Nina said...

I'm slightly [if not completely] addicted to twitter.

I wish I could've gone to that show in OK, it sounded like it was great! :)

And I hope that you feel better soon, Matt! I feel like you've been sick for a long time!

Melanie said...

So, you had nothing to do with the set list? LOL If Sloop John B were to magically appear on SLC's set list, it would be awesome. I love your rendition. Ethan posted a couple of videos on his blog from OKC.

Sorry about the virus.. do you have Throat Coat tea? Awesome stuff. Hope you are better very soon.

Bri said...

GET WELL SOON MATT! But hey that cool that Tim came to sing with you guys. :)

Cierra Joy said...

I like the new look of your blog... and I'll have to check out your twitter, even though I have no idea what it is, why it exists, and how to use it!

See you May 31st :)

Zach said...

The show in OKC was AWESOME!!!! I've been to see you all play many times, but this ranks up there as the best. Congrats on making it through the show with your virus. You did a great job. Didn't put a damper on the show at all. In fact, it made the show great and unique. My favorite parts were you pointing to Tim to take over on the lyrics and he wasn't there. Cracked me up. I loved the acoustic set you all added in there. That was freaking great!!! I was really hoping to hear some of the new stuff. Stupid virus. Of course The Office was awesome. (I shouted that out!!) and you caught me off guard with the Subway ditty. Quite humorous. And to end the night with Deathbed...AMAZING!!!! When I listened to it on the album, I never thought that that would be something you all play in concert, but you did and it blew me away. (Who was the guy who took over on piano for you and played accordian?). Congrats on an awesome show and I can't wait to hear the new album.
Twitter: aaronzach

UNDER(/)ATH said...


BenTerry said...

Hey Matt,

I don't know if you have realized yet or not but I think someone has hacked your twitter b/c it no longer shows your twitter page but titpic's account...just thought you might want to know!

Ben Terry

Kate said...

hey matty,
glad to hear that you guys had a good show.

i really can't wait until you guys come back to seattle.
we've been waiting far too long.

well, i'll be following you on twitter?
hope your account gets fixed.

take care!

Christy Wong said...

Yeah, is that really your Twitter account? It's still the Titpic one.

Anonymous said...

lol.. your Twitter account pic says... titpic.

did you plan that?

Jamison Killmer said...

Dude! So, yeah... Been following the band since the self title album. I love everything you guys do. Your lyrics really identify with me and have helped me through the toughest times in my life. I plan on seeing you guys in Duluth, but life isn't so easy to plan. :\.

Cinthya Fung said...

I shall be following your twitter as well!! yayness :]

You don't have the swine flu, do you? Hope you get better soon!

Daft Goose said...

Matt I'm coming to your show in Portland, I'm so excited to see you guys again! I hung out with you a brief while at one of your shows in Nashville, I think it was actually a rehearsal technically, it was Ethan's first show. Anywho you guys were great then and I hope I get to talk with you again. Good luck on the new album, and God bless!

Elizabeth said...

You had to join Twitter. LOL You were the one that finally got me to join Myspace way back when and now you're tempting me with Twitter. Gotta be cutting edge huh? Well I'm not going to (for now). ;-)
Hey I found this bookmarked link...remember this: I'm glad we figured that out!
Hope to see you soon in WI. Take care!

Bryce said...

where's the next webisode?!

Valerie said...

So, when I try to go to, I see a page called queenofdnile by Cathy Hood... hmm... maybe it's only because I'm not a member, but you should definately check it out. By the way, you are incredible and your music has touched me in so many ways. It has the magical ability to cheer me up at some times, and bring me down to earth at others. AMAZING. Keep doing what you're doing. Much love and respect, Valerie