Thursday, September 18, 2008

35 MPH

The rest of Warped Tour was just as awesome of the first half.
Afterwords, I received a PS3 for my birthday, moved to Liberty City, and slowed things down to look at the scenery.
I did do quite a bit more than play video games, but crossword puzzles, frisbee, and roller coasters were almost as equally productive.
So, if this blog did, in fact, die for a few weeks.....?
I'm in the mood for zombies anyway.

Love Halloween. But The Uncle Fest Tour is not going to be a Halloween themed tour. At least not 100%. All I'm saying is that I'm not going to eat candy and I'm not going to bob for any apples. Bottom line.
Anyway, it shall be a Fest nonetheless, and I know I keep saying it, but we're really looking forward to hitting up the following
alongside Ludo, This Providence, and House Of Heroes.

Fantasy Football is back... I'm 1-1. It was a rough weekend for me in the sport arena. My fantasy team, OSU, and The Browns have all validated my pre-season doubts and fears. Nonetheless, my allegiance shall remain strong.

This Saturday is my Tusky Valley High School 10 year reunion for the class of '98. I was the (probably the only one who ran for) class president, but our treasurer and the other officers did most of the planning. However, I did set up the corn hole tournament and the karaoke that will be there. Should be fun.

We're getting ready to track a couple more Christmas songs to add to this year's release of Deck The Halls, Bruise Your Hand. Its nice to let the Christmas catalogue snowball a bit each year.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, Oh Holy Night, & Silver Bells are this season's selections, and along with this, we have (what is shaping up to be) an amazing animated video for "Sleigh Ride" in the works.
Go stuff that in your stocking.
More news on on that jingle jangle later.

A Blog, Blog Time Ago

July 27- August 17
Warped Tour continued to buck and weave us through the midwest.

Scranton's show was a blast despite the 45 minute thunder/hail storm delay. So, for the benefit of the soggy Scrantonites, our homage to NBC's The Office was delivered with an extra scoop of pizzaz . I'm not sure if they could tell.

Jersey, Pittsburgh, Cinci, Indy, and Milwaukee were all wonderful in every way. Indy is an old stomping ground of mine, so its always good to get back to the uh... 317?

Chicago was my favorite Warped Tour date of 2005, and this year, it proved to be the best again. The show was great and the crowd was fantastic. After our set, the day got a bit interesting.
A couple of the guys from Say Anything told me that Max lost his voice and wouldn't be able to sing. They had recruited a few other singers from the tour to step in karaoke style, and they asked if I could do a tune.
I chose Futile cause its one of my faves from Is A Real Boy.
I was nervous as heck before they went on, and all the Say Anything guys, Fred (The Color Fred), Stephen (Anberlin), Cory (Norma Jean), James (The Bled), Justin (Motion City Soundtrack), Keith (Everytime I Die), and I formed a circle, put our hands in the middle, and sang that Rembrants song I'll Be There For You. I really did believe they would all be there for me.
I was the third one to sing, so I had moment to cram as many lyrics into my brain as I could. I only forgot a few words, and I had a really good time singing with the band. I had never done anything like it before. Livin' The Dream.

The next week took us from Minnesota through Canada and around the Pacific Northwest. Highlights included riddles, dumbos, my friend Zach getting a unicycle in Boise, and watching The Aggrolites while the sun set behind the gorge in George, WA.

We had a day off in Ashland, OR on my birthday, and all the fellas in the band threw me a great party. About 1000 balloons were harmed that day. It was the best bday I'd ever had on the road.

The last week of Warped went by in a blur. We enjoyed the California sunshine and the promise of clean laundry in the near future.

And that's it. Warped Tour was a great tour for us, and I'm so glad we got to be a part of it.
I'll try and post again in less than six weeks.

Matthew Thiessen


Rachel said...

Hey! I'm the first to comment!!!! Woo-hoo!!!! Augh!!! Now you make me wish I went to Warped..... actualy, I ALWAYS wish I went to Warped...... but alas, I have over-protective parents.... and you COULDA come to Cali for the Uncle Fest Tour, but no. Just my luck..... like when I couldn't play "Sadie Hawkins Dance," and you yelled at me....... okay, not so much yelling...... I'm done with my rant now. HAVE A GOOD DAY!!!!! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

crzy RACHEL!!!!

Melanie said...

Glad to see you've been working on the crosswords. ;)

You know, I'm kinda sad I won't see you on the upcoming tour, but what really is the biggest downer is that I was hoping at least to see pics of you bobbing for apples. LOL ;)

I spent the evening with your soon to be tourmates, This Providence.
Rumor has it that David plays bocce ball. ;)

Sounds like you had some good time off. Good to hear.


diannanicole said...

matty! i get to see you in birmingham and i couldn't be more excited! yay for your show being two days before halloween :)

Brittany said...


the riddles and dumbos were soooo lame! But thanks for saying they were a highlight, even though they probably weren't.


I still can't believe that you performed the futile, and I missed it. It's one of my favorites of theirs, too. But my all time favorite would have to be Admit It!!! So, at least I didn't miss that!

meggggg said...

i thought you were dead till i saw you saturday.

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Kara said...

You had some nice highlights, but some of them were rid(dle)culously dumb(o).

Werd up, Uncle Fest. Good choice on the non-bobbing for apples, it's not sanitary.

Jess :]] said...
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Jess :]] said...

That sounds great. :)
Glad to see you haven't died.
Uncle Fest Tour will be awesometastic, I bet.

Victoria said...

I'm glad you loved the Chicago date. It was awesome. (:

Bri said...

Yay! I am totally coming to see y'all in Chicago on November 2nd!!! I can't wait!!!

Glad you had a great tour and a nice birthday. Keep up the good work. ;D

Christi said...

I'm glad you finally blogged. I was starting to get worried.

Haha! You mentioned the riddles & dumbos. That's great.

The Uncle Fest Tour sounds like it's going to be amazing! I'm almost certain I won't be able to make it out to a show... but I'm super stoked about Winter Wonder Slam.

I'm glad you guys had fun on Warped!

Raven said...

holy crap,
its about time you wrote (:

matthew, you are my hero.

ike said...

Matt! you rock dude! if there's ANYONE in the world i want to meet, it's BY FAR you! yeah, i've been waiting for anyone post. XD but this blog didnt die! keep playing music dude. you're the best i know of. B)

OH Interstate 77 said...

Tusky Valley?!?! You're kidding! I ran against you guys in Track & Field! Crazy.

At least you are still involved in planning your reunion. Our class president cost me a flight home only to have never actually set up the reunion and when it DID happen a few weeks later, it was a huge kegger. :( (Glad I was back in Boston)

Saddness for OSU's first game. And I miss watching the Brownies. *sigh* I guess you just can't take the Ohio loyalty out of us. O-H-!!

Good luck with your fantasy football and with your tour.

CalebA said...

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Thanks for your help!!

♥Paige-FOOL♥ said...


erin said...

you're alive! :D haha.

what you said about warped and over-protective parents rachel... *sigh*

unfortunately no uncle fest for me, but...

WINTER WONDERSLAM!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait. day before my bday too. :]

nna said...

Wait. You guys were on Warped Tour? When did this happen?

Kristy said...


just wanted to say i reckon its totally awesome the way everyone on here seems to know each other... im just a random stalker from new zealand lol. I basically read these things cos i like to know what the bands i like are actually like as people... you know... yea im probably jsut weird. but thats ok. Hi everyone! who all know each other so im probably invading but oh well. :-)

Rachel said...

Neh, don't worry Kristy. Most people don't know each other here...... we just like talking to each other like we know each other!!! Cuz we're odd like that!!!! jk Now you can feel in the loop, cuz I'm gonna pretend to know you!!! Yay!!!

Kristy said...
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miss miller :) said...

nice to see you blogging again :) sure have missed it.

erin said...
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Rachel said...
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Nathan said...

2-1 in FF.

Kristy said...
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Craig Snedeker said...

you guys should put a twist on some worship songs!

erin said...
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erin said...
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Mary said...

I Love Relient k.

Kate said...

aha, i didn't know you were into student government, mr. thiessen.

hm, well.. that was 10 years ago.
hope you had fun at your reunion!