Friday, July 11, 2008

We Heart You Too (and your oversized Rice Krispy treat)

The tour has been humming along nicely.

We spent the fourth of July in Austin, TX, 'Merica. It was wonderful. There were fireworks and scared bats everywhere.

We had a splendid day in San Antonio, and a nice morning-time sing along in Houston (we opened the stage that day).

After Texas we took a few days off and reconvened in Atlanta. I finally bought toothpaste for the first time since losing my personal supply on the second day of tour. Its nice to be back with my own brand.

Yesterday we began our descent into Florida with a show in Mickey's hood. I was loving me some Orlando until I blew out my voice in song. I didn't realize how bad it was until I woke up today and gathered that St. Pete was most likely going to hear me sound like St. Pete Brady for thirty minutes. Nonetheless, the show was another dose of fun in the sun.

As for tonight, I'm about to go cook up some throat coat, and stay out of the present rainstorm.
Matt "about to drink some" Tea, Son


EGG SALAD said...

...and in atlanta you also met KARA who got you to hold up an "i know megan" sign. woooot. :)
lol, i'm still thrilled about that.

sjaarnaeh said...

Scared Bats, Huh? Sounds Like Fun.
Haha, I Wish I COuld Do Cool Stuff Like That To My Last Name....Burke Doesnt Give You Much To Work With :]

See Ya On The 23rd! :D

nna said...

I was in Austin for the fourth too! Weeeeeeeeird. Saw the fireworks... can't say the same for the bats though...

(losing, descent)

Sorry. I had to.

Raven said...

glad you had a good time in texas ,
and sorry about your voice (:

i know seeing you guys at warped on july 5th like totally
made my life complete , so thanks.



Maggie said...
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Anonymous said...

congrats on your engagement :)

Maggie said...

P.S. I've been skimming your blogs... one day I will blog like you. I think these things, I just don't write them down. My blog on here is mostly for the little old church ladies who half raised me and live on the other side of the country (they're advanced little old church ladies, who seem to understand the interwebs, but not my sense of humor.)

Kasey! said...

Mr. Thiessen,
I love your cleverness and wittiness. You always make me laugh.
And by the way, congrats on your engagement, and the Bee Sides is simply amazing. Keep up the good work!

Andrea said...

you crack me up!
wow... thats an awesome treat! looks yummy! 2 more weeks till I see you guys! and I just can't wait! I desperately need some RKness and I get to see ya'll twice, NY and NJ! ;]

Melanie said...

Kudos to the Krispy treat designer. LOL

I almost brought you some Throat Coat tea. Great stuff. But then I forgot everything at home anyway, so it wouldn't have been much help.

You know, if you mentioned your toothpaste brand, you'd probably never have to buy it again. LOL

Curious about the bats. Remind me to tell you a strange but true bat story sometime.


The Alexis and Bradley Podcast... Show said...

hopefully you're feeling better tommorow.

see you then...


Christi said...

That rice krispy treat looks yummy.

Sorry about your voice...hope the tea helps.


Emily said...

That is one awesome rice krispy!
Glad u guys r havin' fun!!
Tea, son lol!!

Jess :]] said...

Glad you're having lots of fun. Sucks about your voice though. :(
I was talking to my friend who saw you in FL and she didn't have anything bad to say about your set. So even with a blown out voice you're still awesome. That's crazy. Feel better, Tea, Son. (hahaha)

Nina said...

that's one nifty rice crispie treat ^
i wish i could think of things like that, lol :)

and whoa! firworks and toothpaste all in a couple days. that's exciting.. and it really is, cause i don't much like using a different brand of toothpaste.. i'm really picky... i use crest. and i just rambled.. sorry

ouch.. i hope that you get better soon! That sounds like it's not the most pleasant thing that could happen... =/ so i hope you feel better!

miss miller :) said...

o isn't texas just wonderful? :)

i hope your throat becomes cient percento soon!

mitzi said...
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Lindsey said...

I attempted to make you a birthday cake last year. It was ugly unlike that Rice Krispie square...square.

Mel is totally right about never having to buy toothpaste again if you mentioned the brand.


Ahhhh thunderstorms are everywhere around here! x_x

Don't get burnt in the sun!


handicaptivity said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your time in Texas. It is a very nice, hot, humid, and balmy place. Good people though.

It's off topic but, I just wanted to tell you that I'm really enjoying the new tunes, and the remixed ones. I hope you all decide to do a fall tour and come to Dallas. I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I would imagine you guys would need a break after Warped though. I'd understand. Enjoy the rest of your time on the road.

Mattie P.

Maggie said...

Considering I had been up since 5am, and I worked a 12 hour day with 65 children, I shoud not have been awake at 11:30pm Friday night, much less making a shameless plug for my church. Sorry about that, I had planned to take that down Saturday morning but never got to a computer. Thanks for getting to it first.

Your gig on Saturday was great, I got there just in time. You guys were awesome, I hope your voice is feeling a little less blown out!

Chris Edge said...

New CD is amazing Matt!

You guys are still rocking my world.
Keep it up.
Come back to New Zealand!
I didn't see you guys when you came to Parachute in '04.

Anonymous said...

way to link like Isaac M.


you should embrace the rainstorm Matty. w/cold and all. maybe you need a refresher.

♥Paige-FOOL♥ said...

awesome man :]]

cant wait to see you guys live!

-xoxo paige

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

Awww, sorry about your voice Matty, but I bet it sounded hot! :D


By the way, got your new CD!
Cool, way cool. I resent 'The Vinyl Countdown' though, I know what records are!!! I even remember listening to some Disney books on record or something when I was a kid... but barely. Lol.

Craig Snedeker said...

Oh man that rice crispy cake looks AWESOME!!!! I must have some ... :P

lefty said...

I wouldn't know wheather to eat that thing or put it in a museum. That deatail is awesome, though it does look scrumpcious.

Kate said...

yumm, rice krispy treat.
it looks delicicous. ;)

glad you're having a great tour!
ehem, minus the whole voice thing..
.. but i'm sure you'll be fine. :)

see you boys soon!

RWerner said...

that rice crispy treat looks really good!

whoever made that is awesome!

Chris[Miss] said...

Ha. Sure. Post the pic of it AFTER you taste test. lol They did an awesome job on that thing. Dang.

Twilight said...

omg... that rice krispy looks amazing!! oh, matty, i drew a picture for you ^_^

Twilight said...

omg... that rice krispy looks amazing!! oh, matty, i drew a picture for you ^_^

Katie said...

awwh Matty a girl at the Orlando show last night alerted us to the fact that our last rice krispy cake was on your blog, so I immediately came over and lo and behold -


You have no idea how much it means to us that you posted it up there : ) More reason for us to love you. Hope you guys enjoyed last night's new rice krispy cake... MMHMM. : D

Phillipians 1 21 said...

I met you this day, I talked to you during the Matisyahu show? I felt really bad about bothering you, and I was really freaking nervous. And I muttered. Anyways, keep it coming dude!