Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Least And Most Of The Eastern Coast (And The Midwest Too)

Hey friends. Nothing much going on in my world except for the last two weeks of Warped Tour.

Florida was a hot and sweaty ordeal, but a lot of fun shows. The Miami crowd was a great highlight.

The North Carolina, VA Beach, and the DC area MD sets were all wonderful in their own right.

It felt marvelous to stroll around in my Browns T shirt in Cleveland, and Detroit was another highlight crowd (especially considering an earlier time slot).

Canada was interesting. Toronto had us singing High Of 75 in a hearty downpour, and Montreal made me wish I could transpose our lyrics into French. Both shows were a great time, but certainly not the easiest of the tour.

At this point we had played 12 shows in a row, so we all slept a little better the night we drove into Boston for two days off.
I continued supporting my new frisbee addiction, and I watched Hellboy, Hellboy II, and the new Batman installment (which I adored).

Despite impressive thunderstorms and tornado warnings, the show went on in Boston. The result was one that led to smiles on all of our faces. The New England ladies and lads did not disappoint. That morning, Zach from All Time Low and I went for a jog. In an act of spontaneity I steered our run onto a path that led through the woods. Zach got a bit off the path, and moments later said, "Dude, I think we should run faster, there's a swarm of bees following you." I looked back and confirmed the colony in flight. After getting stung twice, he soon realized that he had followers of his own, and we high-tailed it out of the woods into a trailer park. Even though we were out of the bees' natural environment, the bloodthirsty demons decided to pursue us without relent. We soon passed some kids walking towards Warped Tour and passed off our bee problem like a baton in a relay.
Start running kids.

Buffalo and Philadelphia area Jersey were another set of fine and dandy days.

This morning we played Long Island and enjoyed beautiful weather for the rest of the Saturday afternoon and evening. I love NY.

Matthew T.


♥B said...

Haha sounds like fun! Well except for the bees thing.

I'm excited for you to come to Calgary!!

Nina said...

That sounds spiffy ^^
Minus getting attacked by the bees.. lol... I would've completely spazzed if that happend to me.
Good thing for those kids! lol

Lindsey said...

Haha the bees. Sounds fun! ;]


Jess :]] said...

Hahaha sounds awesome. :)
I was at Warped Tour in Boston. The rain/tornado warning was crazy!
But you guys played a totally awesome set. It was cool finally meeting you all. Even if it was just for a second. =D
Sucks about the bees. What if it were the birds AND the bees chasing you. Ha.
Enjoy the rest of Warped :)

miss miller :) said...

uh! i strongly dislike bees with a passion.
goodness, sounds like a fun challenge in some parts :)

RWerner said...

the bees story sounds a bit funny but that must've hurt.

i'm glad you're having a good time on warped tour. i was bummed about missing you guys yesterday in Long Island but i'm glad i got to meet you.

stay safe<3

Raven said...

Holy crap,
that is one interesting
story, my friend (:
Sorry, about the bee's,
but maybe they were just being
supportive of the new
Bird and the Bee Sides album ..

One of the best blogs you've done
in a while , thank you (:



Christi said...

I still haven't seen The Dark Knight.

Bees scare me.

Great blog dude.

Hanner said...

Mannnn you rocked my sockssss....
I think I was the crazy one in the front stage hahahah... wow...
I got soooooo excited... ;)
And during the signing hahahaha.. I was speechless xP
Come back to NY soon!

nna said...

I've never been stung by a bee.

I just wrote about a similar running adventure with snakes. Except, I wasn't chased by them. Or stung. And I wasn't in the forest. And I wasn't with Zach from All Time Low.

Ok, maybe it really wasn't that similar at all.

anna said...

Hey Mr. Thiessen, it was great meeting you in Camden the other day. I was the one who showed you a text from my mom haha. Anyways, I have a question for you. I took pictures at your show and I noticed a a picture of a guy without a shirt on your piano lol, who is it?

Ryne said...


Sorry. Had to.

chelle said...

this reminds me of without a paddle.
"i don't have to out run the bear, i just have to out run you."

" i don't have to out run the bees, i just have to out run the kids."

well i am glad you are having bunches of fun on warped tour =D

let the good times keep rolling!!

Chris[Miss] said...

hahaha Perfect idea for a music video...considering the whole title of the new jams. Talk about ironic. lol

ike said...

that is awesome!
dude u and the rest of rk are so awesome! youre definitely my favorite band! I saw you guys in concert in Louisville, KY! you need to come back sometime! IT was great! I hope you read this... it would be totally sweet.

Scott said...

Hey Matt. I'm the kid who complimented you on the new version of The Thief at the Pittsburgh signing.

Anyway, I wanna apologize for the entire crowd since no one was moving. I was up front and actually felt awkward when I started jumping for a song. Weird.

You guys should play some older songs next time.

Can't wait to see you again at Club Zoo!!

famouslastfanfics said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
famouslastfanfics said...

Haha I was definitely in that amazing crowd at Miami. I was near the Hurley tent and I heard Be My have NO idea how fast I ran over to you guys. My friend was running behind me, out of breath. Hahaha.

(: Hope you guys go headlining in South Florida sometime soon!

Nathan said...

Technically you would translate lyrics, and you would transpose music. Unless there is a way to transpose your music ("American" music) into French music, then I would be in the wrong, and you would be in the right.

Just my zainy throught process. If you do find a way to transpose or translate the music into French, I believe it will be, as the French say, belle. But then I think you guys are transcendent of French music. And if that is true, then imagine what happens when transcendence becomes beneath itself. Deep stuff.

Meladie said...

COOOOOL. So I was checking myspace when I saw something that my always favorite Relient K posted. I checked out Mr. Scott's website and came across a link for who else, but Matthew Thiessen's blog. Spiff.

Andy G said...

The bee endeavor is hilarious.
Matt, if you get a chance.. i have a special request, almost a favor if you will.
It involves lots of money going into your pocket.
Hit me up anytime:

diannanicole said...

can i tell you how much i love you for adding a birmingham tour date? i bought my ticket days ago and plan on skipping class to make the drive. <3 youre the best my friend.

Melanie said...

Hmmm... I guess my reply didn't go through. Sorry about the bees. I've heard running is the worst thing you can do, but the alternative of standing there and being stung doesn't sound so wonderful either. Reminds me of those bear cartoons where they just jump into a pond and breathe through reeds until the bees leave.
Where's a pond with reeds when you need it? You could have played Warped soaking wet. LOL
Nice of you to pass your "gift" along to others. LOL At least you won't forget it soon.

Still waiting to hear the EP's. My order got messed up and I'm supposed to be getting free expedited shipping. I plan to listen all the way to Warped on Friday. See ya soon.

anna said...

good job on the futile :)

Courtney said...

You rocked The Futile in Chicago. Didn't know you were such a Say Anything fan. Guess it makes sense that you'd have such great music taste. ;) Come to Dallas soon?

Rachel said...

You're super-crazy Thiessen!!!!! That's PROBABLY why you're so amazing...... I dunno..... :D

~Rachel Morrison

~erin said...

thiessen! you have to come back to KC on your next tour! my parents wouldn't take me to warped. one of the worst days of my life. second to when they wouldn't take me to see you at the beaumont club. grrr, i hate not being able to drive. -.-

hey, where can you download matthew thiessen and the earthquakes songs? besides the calendar, the energy (if this is you then woe is me); the warmth of the sun; and faking my own suicide, cause i know where to get those.



~erin said...

PS: btw, i still want to hear that sadie hawkins dance demo...

Kristen said...

The show in Indy was great! Thanks for the setlist!

Kate said...

awww.. poor matty t.
twelve shows and two bee stings?!

you must be pooped.

but it's great that you're having a good time!
see you at the gorge!

Jennifer said...

I know this is completely off topic from this post, but Happy Birthday Matt! I've always wanted to tell a rock star Happy Birthday, especially one who has the same birthday as me (as well as my husband)! Have a great one!

Cara said...

congrats on your engagement, sweet cheeks ;) so much love to you.

erin said...

Happy Birthday! I made you cupcakes. :]

Anonymous said...


i can't believe how Canadian you still are..

just an observation though. i've been up by the border all week.

i bought you a tie, lol. what am i going to do about giving all these gifts to you, Matty?

i'll probably end up giving you a box of random stuff one day at a show. like, "nice to meet you again.. here ya go."

it'll be pretty.. weird, maybe funny.. to me. i'm slightly excited about it.

i can't help it. i see things that scream you all the time. it's all your fault.

now if only i could do the same for Slug..

you're a lot easier to shop for though, i'll have ya know.


Julia said...

Saw you and the rest of the band yesterday! Thanks for a great time. :) Loved the office theme song... I'm way too excited for Sept 25! SEASON FIVE. Dang.

Lexi said...

I saw you guys on the first day of warped. Well, I did see you, but I got there kind of late and didn't really get to hear you. :( But...
please please please record the Office tribute thing. Please please please please.
thanks. :)
alexis rae

Rachel said...

Hey Thiessen! I just read Soul Glow's comment about you. THAT was funny. Apparently you PWN @ Scrabble? Nice!!!!! When I started reading the comment, I was like, "Matt Thiessen? Yay!!!!" That's probably THE best combo ever...... actually, Sean Spencer from Psych combined with Van from "Reba" would be interesting..... no. I think you and Soul Glow is cooler. Nevermind. Just ignore my pointless ramblings..... of course, to get to the point where I said "Ignore my pointless ramblings," you'd have had to read most of my ramblings....... you know what, I'm gonna shut up now.

Rachel Morrison

Victoria said...

Matthew's blog died.

~erin said...

you haven't posted in over 1/12 of a year! wow, that sounds like longer when you say it like that....

Bite Me: A Twilight Podcast said...

hey matt!! your blog is so cool :)

i went to the boston stop and watched you play! i'd never seen you live before and it was one of the best sets i've ever seen :)

ahhh! i love zack! i stood in the middle of the pouring rain to get a hug from him haha.

keep up the AWESOME work. i wish i fully express how your music has made my life so much happier when i've been down but it would take up too much room


miss miller :) said...

please return to blogging.
i miss your puns.

Kristy said...


You dont know me so i feel kinda stalker like commenting on here... but oh well. Just wanted to say i love your new cd, and you guys really need to come to new zealand again. I saw you at parachute festival, must have been 5 or 6 years ago now, and thought you were awesome.... lucky ppl living in the states and getting all these bands on their door step... anyways yea you should play the chute again. We dont have many bees... :-)