Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Apple B Sides Served Medium Rarities

We released The Bird And The Bee Sides yesterday! We're so happy to have it out and available. A toothy smile and thanks to everyone who picked it up or who is planning on doing so.

The first twelve days of Warped Tour have been nothing short of fantastic. Every show has been so much fun, and I've made a ton of new friends so far (behind and in front of the scenes).

There's a ton of great bands on the tour that I've had a chance to meet and see on the tour. There's more than 80 bands on the tour, and I think there might be 50+ that I've never listened to before in my life. I've been chiseling away at my personal "go see" list, and I've realized that this Warped Tour is an even better value than I originally thought.

Some highlights include

Say Anything (my favorite show on the tour... it may have something to do with the fact that they've let me sing gang vocals on "Belt" a few times)

The Higher (they play a great new song, and Seth's vocal is pretty smooth on their cover of "Bye, Bye, Bye")

The Academy Is (rumor has it.... your foot will be tapping)

Reel Big Fish and Oreskaband (you can't beat a talented ska band on Warped)

Anberlin (I've seen them play a thousand times, but I still love watching my buddies tear it up)

Street Dogs (classic Warped punk rock)

The Maine (the day I saw them, they drove all night and played first on zero sleep... they still managed to pull off a superb set)

August Burns Red (I couldn't tear my eyes away from the drummer, Matt. At one point he pulled off a fill so crazy that I started laughing and yelled out "SICK!!!". I looked around, and everyone else watching was doing the same thing)

Beat Union (punk/ska/reggae from Birmingham, England. I could tell that they're really loving Warped Tour. So much fun to watch)

The Aggrolites (they play dirty reggae, and they're by far the tightest band on the tour. One of the best moments of the tour was when I watched the Aggrolites play the Warped BBQ in Las Cruces, NM)

We've also been working with a wonderful organization called Blood:Water Mission. They're providing wells and latrines for people in Africa whose lives depend on those things. A huge thanks to Paul Reed Smith (PRS) guitars for providing us with a guitar to raffle off for BWM at the end of Warped Tour.

In conclusion, I guess I'm just recommending that everyone come out and enjoy a day at Warped, and pick up our new EP/B sides record.

I'm having a lovely summer, and I hope the same applies to you.

Matty T.


Francisco said...

It awesome you got to do the gang vocal part on "Belt" I've seen Say Anything multiple times and that is always one of my favorite parts of the show..."so what say you... SO WHAT SAY YOU!"

Angela said...

Wow warped tour sounds awesome I cant wait to see you guys when you come to calgary!

Melanie said...

I finally heard a bit of Say Anything from a distance, and I must say I think they sound far better live than the few things I've heard recorded.
The Higher I missed in SLC at Warped, but I saw them with Sherwood here not long ago. The same with The Academy Is. Both were really quite good. As for Anberlin I had a choice between you and them, and you won hands down. :)

I think I caught a little bit of Beat Union, at least I saw a band from England, and The Aggrolites played right after them and they were kinda fun also.
I did see The Maine and preordered their cd.

I preordered the cd, but it hadn't arrived in my box on "opening day" but hopefully it will be in my P.O. Box now.

I hope Blood:Water Mission donations are going well. :) It's a good cause.

Melanie said...

Oh, I really liked 1997 on the Friday Says stage. I found them looking for someone else, and stuck around. Good vocals, lots of energy. :) Then I saw The Spill Canvas Monday, and there was a sampler of theirs out for the taking. Fun coincidence.

miss miller :) said...

yes, i am having a lovely summer.
today yall are in dallas... 30min from where i live, and i can't go :( oh so sad! Glad you're having a good time! I love the new ep!!! yall are so amazing!!

Emily said...

man I wish warped tour was near me!!
Bird and Bee sides is AMAZING! I love it!!!

sjaarnaeh said...

I Cant Wait To See You Guys At Warped :) And My Summer Has Been Quite Lovely Thus Far, Thanks For Caring :D
Also, I Preordered The Ep But It Is Yet To Appear...But You Can Bet That Im Waiting Anxiously For Its Arrival!
Sarah B.

Jess :]] said...
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Jess :]] said...

The EP/B Sides is amazing. No lie, I can't stop listening to it. I couldn't find it on the first day! I checked all the stores in my town. Bad news for me- good news for you, since I'm betting they sold out. I got it yesterday though.
I'm looking forward to seeing some of those bands on Warped. The Higher is awesome, same as The Academy Is... saw them with Sherwood in the past.
Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Keep enjoying your summer. :)

Jess :]] said...
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♥Paige-FOOL♥ said...

preordered it and got it yesterday!! i love it so much :) u guys did an awesome job :):):)


Lindsey said...

Haha I saw you goin' at 'er in a video of Belt. It was the sweetness.

Have you guys ever thought of doing anything with TWLOHA? They're on Warped. You should check them out. :]


Hannah said...

It was awesome seeing you on Sunday. thanks for the picture and such and not beeing totally creeped out by my fangirly-ness. =]

the show was rad.

The Maine was awesome - I agree. As was Anberlin. =]

Christi said...

I freakin love The Bird And The Bee Sides.

I dragged my brother and his friend out of their way onto the busiest street in town to Wal-Mart just so I could get a physical copy of the album. It's amazing. I can't stop listening to it.

Me and my brother went to Goodwill today and I made him listen to it on the way there. He got lost…so we actually got to listen to most of it. He said you guys are really awesome. He said he likes what you guys represent, what you believe, and how you present it.

I don't know if I can go to Warped...I'm actually almost positive that I can't go. But I really really want to...
I shall not lose hope!

But IF I am going...It'll be on July 14th in Charlotte, NC. If I go, I'm planning on meeting you. Yep.

Christi said...

Haha I just noticed the title of this post.

You always come up with the cleverest things for titles...mine are always lame.

diannanicole said...

i wish i could go to warped, that would be amazing. on the plus side, bee sides is amazing. love love it.

Holly said...

I had to wait until yesterday to pick up the new record, but I absolutely love it.

Lindsey said...

Oh and I almost forgot to add that I love, love, LOVE Anberlin! :D I have a t-shirt. It's probably my favourite one. :] Glad you enjoy them too.


chelle said...

i am loving the new CD.
It is brilliant.

i can't wait for warped!!
i am soo pumped!!

love you guys

anna said...

The B Sides are great! Also, can't wait to see you guys on the 25th!

emilyyates said...

personally, i like the song "beaming"...dunno what it means, but nevertheless it's fun.

nna said...

Ha ha you totally rocked on Belt... really 'belt'ing it out.

I know. Lame.

I don't know how people can only go to one (or none!) warped tour... I still have not seen all the bands that I want to see.

And why the heck did you have to start at 11.20 am in Houston? That sucked.

Nick said...

Those are all amazing bands. I'm glad you enjoy some ABR. Matt G seriously is an amazing drummer. My favorite actually. Missed their set at Warped though. :[. Was hanging up posters for The Nail. You were amazing though. As was Anberlin. This was all at Ventura. Should be going to the one in LA at the end of August. And the album. Amazing. thanks.

Ryan said...

I went to Warped on the 3rd in Dallas, and i must say, you were right on your Say Anything recommendation. they were the first show i got to see that day, and they rocked. i'm regretting not seeing any of those other bands now though...

Anyway, you guys were absolutely awesome! Major kudos for being the only guy all day (i think) that jumped off stage and almost into the crowd! A perfect ending to a great day of music. I refuse to decide on my favorite between you guys and Say Anything, it's too tough.

i could go on, but i've gotta go buy Bird and Bee Sides... have fun with the rest of Warped with the shows and gang vocals and whatnot =)

luv247muzac said...

I'm going to the warped tour on Saturday in Miami. I've been praying for good weather. Really just no rain would be good. I was going to pick up the new cd at Best Buy but then decided to get it while I was at the Warped Tour. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys and a lot of the bands playing. Beat Union is up there on my list of who to see.


luis said...

You love ABR too?! Oh yeah! They're awesome. RK AND ABR

CiloOte said...

I know that "luck" doesn't exist but I have to say that you are really lucky. To see bands like you're seeing on Warped is a dream for people like me !
Anberlin, argh. Awesome !!
It'll be funny if you would have the time to make some videos, just to see how a day at Warped Tour is when you're singing there.

Do you know when you'll have time to make new podcasts ..? The last one was in 2006, when Dave Douglas wasn't left yet :(

Hope the Warped Tour won't be so exhausted.

- C├ęcile :]

ps - Congratulations, I know I'm late but I have to say that.

meggggg said...

yesterday was my first time seeing say anything and it was amazing. i'll probably see them at every date i'm going to.

Anonymous said...

i wish i could go Matty!

Anonymous said...
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mitzi said...

The Lining is Silver is my favorite :)

marsupialite said...

wow so i missed the preorder and saw the album released on itunes and downloaded it that instant. a friend of mine got me into your music and i've been obsessed ever since. I'll actually be singing myself in NCBASYC (good luck figuring that out) when you're here for warped :( but i'll have your album :) and like whoa did i just hear a lyric about frisbee golf? another obsession. that's the video i want to see!

and if you don't mind, could you i.d. the songs with the lead vocalist?

Thanks. :)

Andrea said...

I love the new Bsides and the Tennis EP! Too bad I wasn't the first person to tell you this like last time with 5 score. Not sure if you remember that. But anyway, the rumor about The Academy Is, is way true!

Mandarina said...

Love the new EP/B-sides. I especially love Curl Up and Die, and the acoustic version of Up and Up (which is my theme song right now). I loved listening to the older stuff and guessing which album it got booted from. I think I got 100% on that test. It occured to me as I listened how very distinct each album is and how different the band (and I) was with each one... I have really grown up alongside you guys and your music has always spoken to me right where I'm at. Thanks for that, as always. Keep it coming or I will be lost. :)

Jenna Rosetta said...

August [at Sonshine if anyone cares] was the first show I ever did a stage dive. It was a sight to see.
The next day I attempted it again... & the splendor of splenda was absent... not sweet in the least. Let's just say some people were pretty PO'ed.
Mr. Schneebly's con could have done better.

anna said...

I went to Warped in Charlotte, NC. I went to see y'all and Family Force 5(for kicks). And I brought 4 or 5 friends with me. So, we wake up Monday morning and we had to move furniture into my new house. And one of my friends tells me that none of the good bands go up until later in the day anyway. So we finally get to Warped at like 2-ish and I see that you all played at 12, after buying my forty dollar ticket. I was so bummed. Maybe one day I will get to meet you all. I've been to 5 concerts, but my timing sucks. The rest of Warped was great. I enjoyed Bedouin Soundclash and Beat Union a lot. :)

Kate said...

first off, the new EP is ammmazing!

secondly, you boys are lucky.
the bands you are playing with are siick.

i love anberlin and say anything!
can't wait to see you guys at the gorge!

Christy said...

I love the new one Matt, great job once again! My Relient K iTunes playlist is overflowing!(and thats the way I like it! Ha! :)