Saturday, June 21, 2008

This Means War

ped Tour Has Begun

Photo by Jered Scott

Considering that today was the first day of Warped Tour, it was a great day. Not perfect, not entirely smooth or comfortable (108 degrees during our set), but still great.

I think we're going to post a new song on our myspace tomorrow. Its called The Lining Is Silver.
Its another one off of The Bird And The Bee Sides (26 songs - comes out July 1 - ten bucks or less at most retailers).

Can't wait for San Fran tomorrow. Its supposed to be sunny with a high of seventy six.



Melanie said...

O.K. Scott posted 107 and you say 108... which is it? ;) JK LOL That's pretty warm out. 76 is pretty hot for San Fran.

I saw the pic on Jon's blog. It's a great shot. Classic Jon stance. :)

I pre-ordered said cd already, but I think I paid more than $10, but I don't remember.

See ya next Sat. Stay cool. :)

chelle said...

now i'm sunny with a high of 75 since your coming out with a new CD 8 days before my birthday!!
i am sooo pumped!

and i hope warped tour is going well.
i think i am going to come and see you in cinci =D

have a fantastic day!!
much love.

chelle said...
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mitzi said...

Haha :)

meggggg said...

sounds like perfect weather


raven said...

Why are you guys so
freakin ' amazing (:



Emily said...

108, wow. I wish I cud come see u guys on warped tour but theres no shows near me :(.
Have fun playing in 76 degree weather tomorrow!

miss miller :) said...

wow... that's so exciting.
The starting of a new tour and a new songs too! :D
Wish i could come out and see yall. Hope the weather is lovelier in other places.

Kate said...

haha, high of 76.
that's too silly. :)

have fun with the tour;
i'll see you boys at the gorge!

oh.. 10 more days!!

Lindsey said...

Wish I could be there. Hope you're having fun though!


Nina said...

lol.. sunny with a high of seventy six... that cracked me up ^^

today it was sunny with a high of about eighty and then it was cloudy with a chance of tornodoes ^^

i'm extremely excited about warped [and about the bird and the bee sides ^^], so i'll hopefully get a chance to talk to you and the rest of the guys when you're in cleveland :)

Your blogs always make me smile. :)

Forger of the one ring... TO RULE THEM ALL! said...

war... ped tour has begun lol.
just got back from amazon and the new album previews are awesome! "the last, the lost, the least" and "beaming" are probably the best. Beam me up, Scotty!

Deathbed485 said...

Hey Matt great job at the Warped tour (6/20) you guys played a good show despite the 105 degree weather and a layer of smoke and who knows what in the air. Have fun with the rest of the tour!

Jess :]] said...

bahaha. a high of 76. that was a good one. glad warped is fun for you. loving the lining is silver. so much. :)

Rachel said...

AWESOME!!! btw....this is random but how do u pronounce your last name? just wondering...GOOD LUCK ON UR TOUR!

Rachel said...

AWESOME!!! btw....this is random but how do u pronounce your last name? just wondering...GOOD LUCK ON UR TOUR!

Rachel said...

woops didnt do that on purpose...srry!

Kyara said...

the lining is silver is an amazing song. :]

kait_fangirl said...

what happened to "sunny w/a high of 75" ? jk,lol, Can't wait til the new CD comes out!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

you are sooo...




are those one of the nikes from the horror film shoe line? i don't like horror films myself.. well, only select ones, BUT i love haunted houses (the rides) and the shoe line looks extremely killer. i forget when they come out.. not till fall, right? so i guess they're not.

just miss talking to ya buddy. :(

sorry to use your comment box, matty. :/

love ya'll, like Britney Spears..



Ramide said...

I saw your newest picture on myspace. You looked like an angel. :) I love your music. God bless.

Ijustwasted10secondsofyourlife said...

Amazazing! I feel like using all of the coolest words that aren't really words but should be... however none of them could really express how amazing you truly are. ^_^
I already get "The Lining Is Silver" stuck in my head just by reading the title! So what if I listened to it on repeat for an hour when I first got to download it because I pre-ordered the EP... -shifty eyes-
hehe "sunny with a high of 75 since you took my heavy heart and made it light and it's funny how you find you enjoy your life when you're happy to be alive!" YAY!
One of the many songs that, combined with prayer first, can bring me out of the depressing portion of my slight bipolarity.
Gah! I'm writing a book! >_< sorry I like leaving long comments because I can't stop talking/thinking/typing when I'm excited about Relient K (which is ALL THE TIME!!!) =D
Anyway, hope you guys are stayin hydrated! I wish you all could have done both warped AND creation this year but I guess that's always a tough decision... Oh well, just know that I'll be here in Washington praying for you guys =)

Christi said...

I can't wait for this record. So amazingly excited.
The Lining Is Silver is an amazingly awesome song.
I don't get to make it out to warped tour this year :(
But I DO get to see you guys on November 13th in my home town :D
November 13th is so far away though...

Matt said...

Another Matt Thiessen video you need to see:

gabby said...


Sierra said...

clever play on words....ha....ha.

nna said...

You know what? I can't read lips.

Just sayin...

chelle said...

your new album is pure awesomeness and i love it.

Great job =D
love you all.

Andy G said...

Hope warped tour is the best for you this year Matt.
Hope Jesus gives you a wake up call!

Favorite band since 99.
Love you dudes despite the constant member changes and losses, haha.
YOU are my inspiration for songwriting

Forger of the one ring... TO RULE THEM ALL! said...

the new album is just... ownage.

Thank you for outdoing yourself once again!

And I'd like to conclude with five great things about America: Freedom, Justice, America, and Taco Bell.

J.E.D. said...

rofl i love that video

Christi said...

I paid $11.88 at Wal-Mart.

Hah, oh well. It was well worth it.

I just got my tickets to Warped :D
I'll see you July 14th in Charlotte.