Monday, May 12, 2008

A While Indeed

Not too much to report. Did a bit of gardening and music stuff this weekend.

All (most?) of the new tunes will be mixed as of tomorrow night. That makes me smile. Gotta love Christmas Eve syndrome.

Getting close on an album cover too.

More smiles.

Love ya, Mom (she definitely doesn't read this... haha)



Matt Ehresman said...

can't wait for the album. keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

gardening? wow.. domestic. hmm, interesting aaand sweet.

i'm not gonna say what i was just thinking..


okay. yeah. cool. great.

get on with this new music already, will ya?

nice blog. :p

sarah :)

Anonymous said...
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diannanicole said...

you make me smile.

Nina said...

this blog made me smile and i'm sure if your mom did read this, it would be much appreciated and followed by a big hug :D ... haha, the first time i typed typed "hug" I accidently typed bug... I'm sure you'd rather have a hug.. :)

and very cool about the songs :) i can't wait to hear them.
and i bet the album cover'll be great too :D

yay for gardening!
sounds like some fun :)

chelle said...

this made me smilee =D

I am very excited for your new music!<3

lexidoodleellis said...

new music?

ick! who wants that?


Anonymous said...

if you manage to get this out before I leave the country you'll be my hero

Emily said...

I'm SOOO stinkin' excited for the new cds! Also u guys were AMAZING at Agape! (remember me?)
I also did some gardening this weekend.

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

Yay! New music soon! :D

lol. Your blog makes me smile. And so does your face. haha

miss miller :) said...


Lindsey said...

Gardening you say? WOAH dream big!



meggggg said...

if you manage to get this out before april leave the country you'll be my hero

Christi said...

That makes me smile too.

I'm stoked.

I don't like gardening.

Connor Egbert said...

completely pumped about the new stuff.

you guys never disappoint.

there are few words that describe how awesome you and your band are. Domination is definately one of them.


Connor Egbert said...
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OH Interstate 77 said...

Just a question: (I figure I have more of a chance of you actually answering me if I write it on your blog... I could be wrong)

I knew you were from Ohio and have lived there most of your life, but weren't born here. I was just struck with a quandary.

Are you a US citizen? Not that it matters. I just find that an interesting position to be in.

Did you say the Pledge of Allegiance in school, or did you just stay seated? Do you celebrate the 4th?

I guess these are just things that I take for granted and I never really thought how it might affect someone in your situation.

So... uh... that was random.

Jess :]] said...

Aww. Sounds awesome. Can't wait. =)

Mercy said...

I did a bit of coughing and traveling this weekend, but I'm glad I'm home now. If I was your mom I would read this :-)

Melanie said...

Well, if you really like the gardening, come on over. I'm so far behind I could use help. LOL

Glad to hear about the tunes. Looking forward to hearing and seeing the finished product.

Ah... you should show your mom this blog. :)

Good to "see" you smiling.


Anonymous said...

I have only one question: when can I see my favourite band (Relient K) in Italy? I hope that you come here ... because thanks to you, to yours music and especially thanks to your voice, Matt, I lived so many happy moments. Thanks again!!! I'm sorry for my english and I hope that you reply to me.

mitzi said...

Wow. Tons of people comment on this blog. I can't wait for the new cd!

Anonymous said...

freakin out here matty.....freakin out.

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

Hey Matty. Nice new picture.
I have a giraffe exactly like that. lol
I'm just wondering, why would you take a picture of your self in a hoodie (♥) looking at a toy giraffe?
It's got me confuzzled and stuff like that.
But it's cool. I love all your oddities. And that's a compliment, in case you were wondering. xD

chelle said...

I lovee your new picture =D

I hope you have am absolutely wonderful day!


Shannon said...

My dad would be so proud of his giraffe.

Craig Snedeker said...

Get out of the garden and into the music studio!!!

:P just joking, sometimes my mom makes we do that kind of stuff also :D

I can't wait for the new album! Is it just a collection of songs, or a bunch of new ones? Please respond to my question here or on my blog. Thanks!

Craig Snedeker said...

Hey Relient K, look what I made for you!
I was playing around in photoshop.

mattycooper said...

don't know if you saw this, it's weezer's new vid.

Amanda said...

OH!! yay! I cant wait for the new stuff!! haha and btw! you are way too cute! all your smiles! and the love ya mom, that was really cute! gotta loves our moms they have to deal with us kids, and sometimes we could all be brats. lol have a great week!

Craig Snedeker said...

You can say that again, about the moms. lol.

mcdefenseless said...

Erm.. hi.
I'm curious as to whether you can figure out where I found my 'name.'

Kate said...

geez. it's been awhile since i've looked at your blog.

oops. :)

sounds like things are going well for you though.
can't wait for the new album!

emilyyates said...

that was my birthday.