Saturday, March 22, 2008


I love this time of year, because I watch stuff on TV that remind me of how human Jesus was. He was a real guy that whether you believe in the spiritual side of him or not (I do), was probably really cool to hang out and talk to. At least from what I've read.

Listening to XTC - Poor Skeletons Step Out

Happy Easter Everyone.



jean-bob said...

ha. you took his advice.. I did too, even though it really wasn't directed towards me..

Emily said...

I love easter too, and I agree Jesus was probably pretty awesome guy to hang out with.

Nina said...


Jesus was probably a pretty spiffy guy.

Happy Easter to you too. :D

Christi said...

I've never really thought about hanging out with Jesus unless talking theology or something. I've always thought about how awesome it would be to sit around and talk about theology with Jesus and the 12 disciples and just how much I'd learn and how cool that would be.
I'm sure it probably would be cool to talk to Him.

I love Easter...I never do any of the easter bunny/egg hunt stuff...Easter is always a very spiritual time for me. Well, I do get candy from my grandma...haha.

Happy Resurrection Sunday

Jess :]] said...

I agree.
I wish I had more words to say. But I don't. Just.. I totally agree.

Happy Easter.

miss miller :) said...

HAPPY EASTER to you too.
We were reading in Mark about how when people fled in the garden some guys clothes fell off. i didn't know that til yesterday. There's so much in the bible about how great and wonderful Jesus is.. i love it :)

raven said...

happy easter to you , matty(:

i ' m thinking since there ' s holiday songs
for about almost every holiday ,
EXCEPT easter , you should put one
together for this joyous time of year(;



PiNKiPodGymnast said...

lol yay!
Happy Easter, to you too Matty!
lol yeah I agree with the person above me. You should totally make an Easter song!

I love candy. It gets me sugar high.

hmm. Maybe that's not a good thing?

Oh well!

I should make a list of all the candy I got. lol.

You changed your colors. To be Eastery. lol cool.

Love ya!

♥Paige-FOOL♥ said...

i know its awesome =] i liked this post. it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

posting things like this is really good matthew, you have a huge influence on your fans. this is something all of us need to take into consideration =].

Lindsey said...

You have an uncanny habit of saying really important things in a nonchalant way at really, really important times. Stop that. :P

I wonder if Jesus would be good at Fantasy Football?


lexidoodleellis said...

ive never thought of it before

i bet jdawg would be fun to chill with

word to yo mother


Kate said...

yay! happy easter, matty.
jesus is awesome.

glad we can agree. :)

Anonymous said...

he was a real guy..

it's so weird to me,
how did he 'like' everyone?
he created us all so..
did he have multi-personality disorder on earth?

lol..? nah,
he was probably too sidetracked to worry about diseases like that.. sidetracked by... getting rid of other diseases.. and by other people?

(huge sigh..)
this is the side i understand least about him. :(

omg, you must think i'm SO crazy..

Melanie said...

Jesus was fully human/fully divine, a concept I find difficult to comprehend. He had our temptations, but not our weaknesses. He was meek (which I guess translates as power under control) but was not against a little righteous anger when it was appropriate. Instead of wiping us all out, he took our place. He wept. I'm quite sure he laughed. And he would be more than cool (is more than cool) to hang out and talk with.

Hope your Easter was blessed.

Connie said...

I bet Jesus and the disciples also had a lot of inside jokes and funny stories to tell from all the traveling/walking from city to city that they did together.

CiloOte said...

Oh yeah.
I would like to meet Him at this time. I'm sure that time would pass extremely fast with Him.