Monday, March 17, 2008

Irish I Was Irish

The shows were some of my favorites we've ever done! Ethan was marvelous, and our new crew guys (Derek, Travis, James, and Tyler) helped make everything run nice and hitchlessly.

Even though we always wanted to, we had not yet played a show with New Found Glory. The show Friday was pretty special for that and more.

I had a really great time meeting everyone in my path this week. Thanks for taking the time to come to a show and say hi. The Wedding and Rookie Of The Year were tops, and pre-existing friendships were made stronger still.

There's so much more to tell of, but my internet time has expired for this evening. I've got bags to pack.



miss miller :) said...

I like the irish twist to your name.
Sounds like everything is going amazingly!
Can't wait to hear more about the shows coming up! :D

Caleb Durham said...

Are you coming to North Carolina anytime soon?

Lindsey said...

Haha. Happy St. Patty's Day! On Friday we watched Veggie Tales in socials class to learn about St. Patrick. I actually paid attention. Huzzah!


Luisa (Lui[G]i-naturrr!) said...

Wow, I've never actually been to a Relient K show.
You guys are gonna RAWK Warped Tour!

Victoria said...

haha my friend has a shirt that says "irish i was taller"

aghh and IRISH i could've been at the shows! :)

but i'll be at warped tour, and i'll be sure to make you do goat sounds.

Scott said...

Hey Matt,

You guys did an amazing job at St. Vincent on Friday. I really enjoyed "The Thief," as that's one of my favorite songs and I never expected to hear it live. I was somewhat surprised to not hear a Top Gun/80s-related cover, but I'll deal. Warped Tour can't come soon enough, that's for sure.

sjaarnaeh said...

Hooray For Being Irish! I'm Sure My Crazy Uncles Were Thinking About Your Fantastic Music Yesterday So That Must Count For Something :) Im Glad You Had Such A Good Time At These Shows! I Really Wanted To See You In PA, But No One Would Drive Me That Far. You Need To Come Back To Boston! Its Been A Whole Year And 6 Days Since You Were Last Here! :)

♥Paige-FOOL♥ said...

O'Mattayyyyyyy aye'm a glad to hear that your shows went well.

best of a luck in the future.

(i do not have an irish name)

Nina said...


glad that all the shows went all spiffy-like :D
friday's at st. vincent college was amazing, you guys were great :D

Rookie of the year and the wedding were really good too in Toledo. Though during the wedding I have never been so pushed around in my life, lol

{i don't have an irish name either}

bellabella said...

irish i was irish too. i am the most unirish wanna be out there people.

Kate said...

WOW. you're getting me excited.
i really can't wait to see you guys! :D

i'm glad you're having a blast.
take care, o'matty.

raven said...

hahah , i ' m glad
the shows have been going
great , matthew(:


Carlyn said...

Myself as well. Polish & German. At least it's interesting!

Thank you for existing, Matthew.

Anonymous said...

It's great to hear that Ethan is blending well with you guys :)

meggggg said...

i had tickets to the show but then decided to fly to missouri then later to go to the one in nashville. soooo i sold two pa tickets on ebay for $10.50. bummerrrr =/


chelle said...

glad to hear the shows are going well!
i cant wait to see you guys on warped =D
Mattew Thiessen, you rock!!!!!!!!!!

diannanicole said...

im trying so hard to come to one of the warped shows.

Anonymous said...

i love New Found Glory.

lexidoodleellis said...

i cant waiiit till you next come by here!


Christi said...

O'Matty your blogs are great.

I'm very excited because my (usually selfish) brother said he would take me to the next show you guys play near me (come to south carolina). That means I don't have to be worried about anyone else except for myself (and my brother) so I can get tickets early because I want amazing seats and I can stay as late as I want so I can meet you and the rest of the guys.

oh yes.

PiNKiPodGymnast said...

Irish I was Michael J. Fox.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, Matt!
sorry... Happy BELATED St. Patty's Day!

Faital said...

I was at that show, at St. Vincent.
and then, I saw you later that the hotel you stayed was maybe 2am-3am, idr, it was late, I walked up to you, almost said hi, and almost peed my pants. But I never did. and I wish I would've. I doubt you remember though. But I'll never forget. =]

Keep on Rocking!