Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Cause We Make A Good Team?

Shannon got me a present.
Auction. Charity.
I'm stoked.

Signed (with certificate) and apparently previously worn. I suppose all of this certifies me a Lebron James nerd. Glad to be one.

Big pictures for a big jersey.

What a pick up line that turned out to be.
Thanks boog.



cathy said...

You guys are too cute! :D You obviously must have done something right.

jean-bob said...

oh dear..

I'm pretty sure that's the best gift anyone could possibly ever get you. Kudos to Shannon.

I'm assuming it's going to be your new basketball-watching attire..?

that or you're hanging it on your wall or something so you can treasure it forever.

I'm probably way off.. haha

sjaarnaeh said...

Wow, That Was Nice Of Her. You Two Are Such A Cute Couple! I Hope She Gets Such Fantastically Amazing Presents From You Too! :)

searching for reality said...

ewwww Cavs.

ok Tsun, who's better, Lebron or Jordan??

miss miller :) said...

awww that's awesome!
your gf must be super fantastic.
i feel i have a special connection with mr. James. We share a birthday. :)
go lebron!

Shannon said...

I JUST saw the title of this blog. You are adorable, Mr. Thiessen.

James D. said...

This is so rad.

♥Paige-FOOL♥ said...

Dude you are so lucky! im a huge Cav's fan and Lebron is my fav!

Mad props to Shannon. She's amazing. You guys are too cute together.

love ya-

Anonymous said...

and here I thought our Clay Matthews Thiessen jersey was unsurmountable. How can Kelly and I possibly top that!

touche Shannon, touche

haha ;)

Nina said...

that's possibly one of the best presents ever.
*woots to Shannon and her amazing gift giving abilities*
you guys are adorable :)

Jess :]] said...

Aww that's the coolest gift!
You guys are the bomb, no lie.

Kate said...

wow. what an amazing gift!
i'm sure any guy would LOVE that.
i know mine would, haha!.. err.

too cute.
you guys do make a good team. :)

Anonymous said...

wOw! (that's a big wow..)

that's awesome.. amazing, i can't believe it!
what an amazing gift! better marry this one Matty
and stat!!

our words... our words have power..

Game on! Game on! there's a little Wayne's World jargon for ya there.. lol!

Lindsey said...

Haha cuuuuuute. :)


Anonymous said...

K matty i have to agree with sarah......when's the wedding?


:) :) :) :) :)

Christi said...

that's awesome.

Carlyn said...
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Carlyn said...

big jersey = big love!
Everything else has been said. No need repeating.

Melanie said...

That is a very cool gift indeed - and it's not even your birthday! :) LOL Seriously, it was really a sweet gift. I bet you are thrilled.

Yea for friendships. :)

raven said...

wow , sounds like you gotta great girl on yr hands matty(:


PiNKiPodGymnast said...


Aw! I was reading other comments... People think you should get married!
I don't know what I think.
Sure if you want to.

Cool jersey. Yours looks better than mine 'cause you're out of my league.

Matty, what ever happened to that Experiment IV post?

Anyway... Sorry for not checking on your blog for awhile. I must now go back and catch up on posts and comments. Yay! lol

Carlyn said...

totally just heard you all on a basketball game montage!

Alyssa K said...
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